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globe icon Monitoring the Earth from Space with SeaWiFS . - An online presentation about ocean color.
  • Why should we care about the oceans?
  • Why study the oceans from space?
  • What color is the Ocean; and why do you need a satellite to tell you?
  • Phytoplankton - All thingsgreat and small
  • SeaWiFS background
  • Show and Tell
  • Putting it all together

  • Teacher's Guide image Living Ocean Teacher's Guide - Studying Ocean Color From Space: A Teacher's Guide with Activities.

    Explore the World with SeaWiFS in true color at 4 kilometer resolution

    NASA icon NEW 2000 Teacher Workshop - Images and notes from a Workshop presented to Grade 5-12 science and math teachers, suggesting how SeaWiFS data can be incorporated into the curriculum.
  • Introduction to SeaWiFS
  • Making A True Color Image
  • Ocean Chemistry
  • Ocean Biology
  • Land Processes
  • Atmospheric Processes
  • Atmospheric Corrections
  • Navigation

  • SeaWiFS Poster SeaWiFS Poster and Supplement - Download the SeaWiFS poster and teaching supplement.
  • Poster - print quality (4MB jpeg) or web quality (425 kB jpeg).
  • Teaching Supplement - available from the Goddard DAAC.

  • faux shuttle procedure linkLearn the steps used to create some of the wonderful SeaWiFS images.

    Ocean Color Science Focus! from the GES DISC

    Remote Sensing Tutorial: A very comprehensive review of remote sensing

    foodweb banner Bigelow Laboratory's Online Resource exploring phytoplankton, food webs, microscopes, satellites and algal blooms.

    remarkable ocean world icon The Remarkable Ocean World: A great online resource of ocean topics.

    carbon cycle icon The Colors of Life - a set of stories and animations about SeaWiFS and the Carbon Cycle.

    phytopia bannerPhytopia: An Educational Website from the Bigelow Laboratory

    Other Resources

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    SeaWiFS Project Home Page

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