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#include <VcstGeoParameters.h>

Collaboration diagram for GEO_param_struct:

Public Attributes

unsigned char revision [10]
char pad1 [6]
focal_plane_geometry_struct geometry_params
mirror_preparation_struct mirror_prep_params
mirror_model_struct mirror_model
internal_coord_trans_struct coord_trans
thermistor_parameter_struct thermistor_params
double Mag [3][3]
double basis_in [3][3]
double basis_out [3][3]
double poly_coef_mirr [MAX_POLY_DEGREE_PLUS_ONE]
double tel_ref
double min_cos_view
int band_type
int num_detectors
int poly_degree
unsigned short N_frame
char pad2 [2]
char revision [32]
ancil_data_param_struct ancil_params
double max_non_gap
orbit_validation_params_struct orbit_valid_params
attitude_valid_struct attit_valid_params
double u_tel [DETECTORS_QKM][3]
double max_extrap
double poly_coef [ELEC_SIDES][MAX_POLY_DEGREE+1]
double angle_scale
double hires_scale
double range_scale
float32 RMS_error
char spacecraft_ID [8]
float32 temp_range [NUM_TEMP_EQNS][2]
float32 temp_coeff [NUM_TEMP_EQNS][TEMP_ORDER]
double sol_elev_cor [NUM_SOL_ELEV][3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 339 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ancil_params

Definition at line 370 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ angle_scale

double angle_scale

Definition at line 386 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ attit_valid_params

attitude_valid_struct attit_valid_params

Definition at line 374 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ band_type

int band_type

Definition at line 363 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ basis_in

double basis_in[3][3]

Definition at line 349 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ basis_out

double basis_out[3][3]

Definition at line 350 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ coord_trans

Definition at line 345 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ geometry_params

focal_plane_geometry_struct geometry_params

Definition at line 342 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ hires_scale

double hires_scale

Definition at line 387 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ Mag

double Mag[3][3]

Definition at line 348 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ max_extrap

double max_extrap

Definition at line 381 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ max_non_gap

double max_non_gap

Definition at line 371 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ min_cos_view

double min_cos_view

Definition at line 360 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ mirror_model

mirror_model_struct mirror_model

Definition at line 344 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ mirror_prep_params

mirror_preparation_struct mirror_prep_params

Definition at line 343 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ N_frame

unsigned short N_frame

Definition at line 370 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ num_detectors

int num_detectors

Definition at line 365 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ orbit_valid_params

orbit_validation_params_struct orbit_valid_params

Definition at line 373 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ pad1

char pad1[6]

Definition at line 341 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ pad2

char pad2[2]

Definition at line 372 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ poly_coef

double poly_coef[ELEC_SIDES][MAX_POLY_DEGREE+1]

Definition at line 383 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ poly_coef_mirr

double poly_coef_mirr[MAX_POLY_DEGREE_PLUS_ONE]

Definition at line 354 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ poly_coef_tel

Definition at line 357 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ poly_degree

int poly_degree

Definition at line 368 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ range_scale

double range_scale

Definition at line 388 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ revision [1/2]

unsigned char revision[10]

Definition at line 340 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ revision [2/2]

char revision[32]

Definition at line 366 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ RMS_error

float32 RMS_error

Definition at line 389 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ sol_elev_cor

double sol_elev_cor[NUM_SOL_ELEV][3]

Definition at line 395 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ spacecraft_ID

char spacecraft_ID[8]

Definition at line 390 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ tel_ref

double tel_ref

Definition at line 359 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ temp_coeff

float32 temp_coeff[NUM_TEMP_EQNS][TEMP_ORDER]

Definition at line 394 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ temp_range

float32 temp_range[NUM_TEMP_EQNS][2]

Definition at line 392 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ thermistor_params

thermistor_parameter_struct thermistor_params

Definition at line 346 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ u_tel

double u_tel[DETECTORS_QKM][3]

Definition at line 379 of file GEO_parameters.h.

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