Use Data

Use Data

OB.DAAC provides analysis and visualization software which helps users perform a variety of tasks related to research, trending, and scientific assessment.

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Analyze Data

SeaDAS is a comprehensive software package for the processing, display, analysis, and quality control of ocean color data. While the primary focus of SeaDAS is ocean color data, it is applicable to many satellite-based earth science data analyses. Originally developed to support the SeaWiFS mission, it now supports most U.S. and international ocean color missions.

Perform quality assurance checks

Use this tool to examine gaps, errors, and other quality indicators for SNPP VIIRS, NOAA-20 (JPSS-1) VIIRS, PACE OCI and NOAA-21 (JPSS-2) VIIRS data.

Create time series comparisons

Compare values for data over time or compare in-situ data against spacecraft multiple missions over the same period.

Track satellite passage over ground stations

Use the overpass predictor to find out when a satellite is expected to pass over a particular location. Select the sensor and enter the dates to get the satellite viewing range, and satellite and sun azimuth angle, elevation and more.