ocssw V2020

#include <VcstGeoParameters.h>

Public Attributes

double position_abs_limit [2]
double position_mag_limit [2]
double velocity_abs_limit [2]
double velocity_mag_limit [2]
double ang_mom_limit [2]
double ang_mom_z_limit [2]
double orbit_consistency
double descend_time_0 [2]
double orbit_tolerance [2]
double period [2]
int transition_orbit
double eph_max_short_gap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 294 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ang_mom_limit

double ang_mom_limit

Definition at line 299 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ ang_mom_z_limit

double ang_mom_z_limit

Definition at line 300 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ descend_time_0

double descend_time_0[2]

Definition at line 324 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ eph_max_short_gap

double eph_max_short_gap

Definition at line 329 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ orbit_consistency

double orbit_consistency

Definition at line 301 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ orbit_tolerance

double orbit_tolerance[2]

Definition at line 326 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ period

double period[2]

Definition at line 327 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ position_abs_limit

double position_abs_limit

Definition at line 295 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ position_mag_limit

double position_mag_limit

Definition at line 296 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ transition_orbit

int transition_orbit

Definition at line 328 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ velocity_abs_limit

double velocity_abs_limit

Definition at line 297 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ velocity_mag_limit

double velocity_mag_limit

Definition at line 298 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

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