Search and Download Methods

The OB.DAAC is a member of NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). OB.DAAC data remains free and open to the public, however, we now require users to login to the OceanColor Web's data access points using their Earthdata Login credentials in order to download any products.

Search Methods

File Search


  • Web Interface: Use the web interface to select mission search parameters and dates or search for subscriptions and get results returned in the browser.
  • API: OB.DAAC offers a file search utility that is accessible through command line interface (CLI). See file search help for usage. for options.

Earthdata Search Tool

A significant amount of our data are now hosted in the EOSDIS Earthdata Search tool. You will need to register with Earthdata Login before any OB.DAAC data may be downloaded. Below are common queries for obtaining data through Earthdata Search.

  1. Find collections from the data provider (OB.DAAC) that contain granules:
    Get page 2, 3 of the data:
    With product level:
  2. Find granules based on data provider and short_name:

    There are other options like 'date', and 'geospatial' that can be sent, as well.

    Temporal search:,2020-01-10
    Bounding Box:,-5,10,5&temporal=2020-01-03,2020-01-10

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