ocssw V2020

#include <VcstGeoParameters.h>

Public Attributes

int band_number
char pad0 [4]
double latch_to_center
double t_reset
unsigned short N_samp [MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]
char pad1 [6]
double focal_length [MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]
double det_space_track [MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]
double det_space_scan [MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]
double DNB_space_track [32]
double DNB_space_scan [32]
double det_position [MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE][2]
double band_position [MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]
double earth_view_delay
double detector_sampling_rate
double scan_length
int agg_zone_bounds [NUM_AGG_ZONES]
int DNB_aggregation [32][2]
int DNB_ag_zone_bounds [64][3]
char implicit_pad1 [4]
double scan_ang_coef_tel
double scan_ang_coef_mirr
double scan_ang_offsets [2]
double t_frame
double F_offset [MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1]
uint16 N_samp [MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1]
float64 focal_length [MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1]
float64 det_space [MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1]
float64 det_position [MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1][2]
float64 band_position [MAX_BAND_NUMBER+3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 244 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ agg_zone_bounds

int agg_zone_bounds[NUM_AGG_ZONES]

Definition at line 265 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ band_number

int band_number

Definition at line 245 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ band_position [1/2]

float64 band_position[MAX_BAND_NUMBER+3]

Definition at line 285 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ band_position [2/2]

double band_position[MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]

Definition at line 260 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ det_position [1/2]

float64 det_position[MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1][2]

Definition at line 284 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ det_position [2/2]

double det_position[MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE][2]

Definition at line 257 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ det_space

float64 det_space[MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1]

Definition at line 283 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ det_space_scan

double det_space_scan[MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]

Definition at line 254 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ det_space_track

double det_space_track[MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]

Definition at line 253 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ detector_sampling_rate

double detector_sampling_rate

Definition at line 263 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ DNB_ag_zone_bounds

int DNB_ag_zone_bounds[64][3]

Definition at line 267 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ DNB_aggregation

int DNB_aggregation[32][2]

Definition at line 266 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ DNB_space_scan

double DNB_space_scan[32]

Definition at line 256 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ DNB_space_track

double DNB_space_track[32]

Definition at line 255 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ earth_view_delay

double earth_view_delay

Definition at line 262 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ F_offset

double F_offset[MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1]

Definition at line 278 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ focal_length [1/2]

float64 focal_length[MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1]

Definition at line 281 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ focal_length [2/2]

double focal_length[MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]

Definition at line 252 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ implicit_pad1

char implicit_pad1[4]

Definition at line 268 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ latch_to_center

double latch_to_center

Definition at line 247 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ N_samp [1/2]

uint16 N_samp[MAX_BAND_NUMBER+1]

Definition at line 280 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ N_samp [2/2]

unsigned short N_samp[MAX_BAND_NUMBER_PLUS_ONE]

Definition at line 250 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ pad0

char pad0[4]

Definition at line 246 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ pad1

char pad1[6]

Definition at line 251 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ scan_ang_coef_mirr

double scan_ang_coef_mirr

Definition at line 270 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ scan_ang_coef_tel

double scan_ang_coef_tel

Definition at line 269 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ scan_ang_offsets

double scan_ang_offsets[2]

Definition at line 271 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ scan_length

double scan_length

Definition at line 264 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

◆ t_frame

double t_frame

Definition at line 276 of file GEO_parameters.h.

◆ t_reset

double t_reset

Definition at line 248 of file VcstGeoParameters.h.

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