ocssw V2020
GEO_earth_location.c File Reference
#include "PGS_MODIS_35251.h"
#include "smfio.h"
#include "GEO_earth.h"
#include "GEO_inst.h"
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PGSt_SMF_status GEO_earth_location (int const scan_number, int const sample_number, GEO_param_struct const *geo_params, PGSt_double sample_time, l1a_data_struct *l1a_data, double ecr_sc_sample_position[MAX_PADDED][3], double ecr_sc_velocity[MAX_PADDED][3], double T_inst2ecr[MAX_PADDED][3][3], unsigned char sample_flags[DETECTORS_QKM][MAX_PADDED], double ecr_sample_position[DETECTORS_QKM][MAX_PADDED][3], double terrain_sample_position[DETECTORS_QKM][MAX_PADDED][3])


const double * poly_coef
int poly_degree
double alpha
double beta
double gammaa
double T_tel2inst [3][3]
double T_mirr2inst [3][3]
double mirr_side1_range [2]
double u_tel [DETECTORS_QKM][3]
double scan_start_time [MAX_SCAN_NUMBER]
double * mirr_impulse_enc [MAX_SCAN_NUMBER]
double * mirr_impulse_time [MAX_SCAN_NUMBER]

Function Documentation

◆ GEO_earth_location()

PGSt_SMF_status GEO_earth_location ( int const  scan_number,
int const  sample_number,
GEO_param_struct const geo_params,
PGSt_double  sample_time,
l1a_data_struct l1a_data,
double  ecr_sc_sample_position[MAX_PADDED][3],
double  ecr_sc_velocity[MAX_PADDED][3],
double  T_inst2ecr[MAX_PADDED][3][3],
unsigned char  sample_flags[DETECTORS_QKM][MAX_PADDED],
double  ecr_sample_position[DETECTORS_QKM][MAX_PADDED][3],
double  terrain_sample_position[DETECTORS_QKM][MAX_PADDED][3] 

Definition at line 46 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ alpha

double alpha

Definition at line 13 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ beta

double beta

Definition at line 14 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ gammaa

double gammaa

Definition at line 15 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ mirr_impulse_enc

double* mirr_impulse_enc[MAX_SCAN_NUMBER]

Definition at line 37 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ mirr_impulse_time

double* mirr_impulse_time[MAX_SCAN_NUMBER]

Definition at line 43 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ mirr_side1_range

double mirr_side1_range[2]

Definition at line 24 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ poly_coef

const double* poly_coef

Definition at line 9 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ poly_degree

int poly_degree

Definition at line 10 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ scan_start_time

double scan_start_time[MAX_SCAN_NUMBER]

Definition at line 31 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ T_mirr2inst

double T_mirr2inst[3][3]

Definition at line 21 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ T_tel2inst

double T_tel2inst[3][3]

Definition at line 18 of file GEO_earth_location.c.

◆ u_tel

double u_tel[DETECTORS_QKM][3]

Definition at line 28 of file GEO_earth_location.c.