ocssw V2020
novascon.h File Reference
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const short int FN1
const short int FN0
const double T0
const double KMAU
const double MAU
const double C
const double GS
const double EARTHRAD
const double F
const double OMEGA
const double TWOPI
const double RAD2SEC
const double DEG2RAD
const double RAD2DEG

Variable Documentation

◆ C

const double C


const double DEG2RAD

Definition at line 88 of file AfrtConstants.h.


const double EARTHRAD

◆ F

const double F

◆ FN0

const short int FN0

◆ FN1

const short int FN1

◆ GS

const double GS


const double KMAU


const double MAU


const double OMEGA


const double RAD2DEG

Definition at line 91 of file AfrtConstants.h.


const double RAD2SEC

◆ T0

const double T0

Definition at line 36 of file cyan_alaska_tiles.py.


const double TWOPI

Definition at line 85 of file AfrtConstants.h.