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Level 1 and 2 Browser

Visually search the ocean color data archive. Directly download or order data from a single file to an entire mission. Data from the Aquarius mission is also available.

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Browse the entire global ocean color, sea surface temperature and sea surface salinity data sets for many parameters and time periods and download PNG images or digital data in HDF format.

Data Archive

Access to the complete data archive. Retrieval of data in bulk is possible.

Ocean Productivity

Ocean Net Primary Productivity data products derived from MODIS and/or SeaWiFS data available from Oregon State University.


An easy-to-use, Web-based interface for the visualization and analysis of Earth Science data provided by the GES DISC DAAC.

MEaSUREs Ocean Color Project

This project creates a variety of established and new ocean color products for evaluation as candidates to become Earth Science Data Records.

Support Services


A comprehensive image analysis package for the processing, display, analysis, and quality control of ocean color data.


An archive of in situ oceanographic and atmospheric data for use in algorithm development and satellite data product validation.

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    Subscriptions allow users to specify regions for NRT data to be continually staged on our FTP server for download.

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Ocean Color Feature

Massive Red Tide Approaching Florida

Recent reports indicate that a massive red tide event comprised primarily of Karenia brevis has been developing off the west coast of Florida. Indications are that this is the largest event since 2006 and has already been linked to reports of large fish kills. The most recent survey of Karenia brevis concentration indicates that the large offshore feature to the west, northwest of Tampa seen in the image above that was taken on Friday, 8 August 2014 by the MODIS instrument on the Aqua spacecraft is the bloom. The image below is a natural-color rendition of the bloom.

More recent satellite images have been generally cloud-covered in this region but we will continue to monitor the situation and post any updated images as they appear.

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