Level 2 Ocean Color Flags

Level 2 Ocean Color Flags

The table below shows the flags that are used to indicate quality of Level 2 Ocean Color products. Each flag is assigned one of the 32 bits of the l2_flags array.

Some conditions make it impossible to calculate any meaningful Level 2 parameters. These are masked by default and will cause a fill value to be written for the flagged pixel.

Only the highest-quality data is included in globally-binned Level 3 products; flags which will exclude data are listed under "L3 Mask Default".

Bit Name Short Description L2 Mask
L3 Mask
00 ATMFAIL Atmospheric correction failure ON
01 LAND Pixel is over land ON ON
02 PRODWARN One or more product algorithms generated a warning
03 HIGLINT Sunglint: reflectance exceeds threshold ON
04 HILT Observed radiance very high or saturated ON ON
05 HISATZEN Sensor view zenith angle exceeds threshold ON
06 COASTZ Pixel is in shallow water
07 spare
08 STRAYLIGHT Probable stray light contamination ON ON
09 CLDICE Probable cloud or ice contamination ON ON
10 COCCOLITH Coccolithophores detected ON
11 TURBIDW Turbid water detected
12 HISOLZEN Solar zenith exceeds threshold ON
13 spare
14 LOWLW Very low water-leaving radiance ON
15 CHLFAIL Chlorophyll algorithm failure ON
16 NAVWARN Navigation quality is suspect ON
17 ABSAER Absorbing Aerosols determined
18 spare
19 MAXAERITER Maximum iterations reached for NIR iteration ON
20 MODGLINT Moderate sun glint contamination
21 CHLWARN Chlorophyll out-of-bounds ON
22 ATMWARN Atmospheric correction is suspect ON
23 spare
24 SEAICE Probable sea ice contamination
25 NAVFAIL Navigation failure ON
26 FILTER Pixel rejected by user-defined filter OR
Insufficient data for smoothing filter
27 spare
28 BOWTIEDEL Deleted off-nadir, overlapping pixels (VIIRS only)
29 HIPOL High degree of polarization determined
30 PRODFAIL Failure in any product
31 spare

Level-2 Bit-flip Tool

Use this tool to interactively turn Level 2 flags on or off.