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Prelaunch Characterization Data

The PACE Mission will carry three instruments: Ocean Color Instrument (OCI), Spectro-polarimeter for Planetary Exploration one (SPEXone), and Hyper-Angular Rainbow Polarimeter 2 (HARP2). The latest information on radiometric/polariometric characterization and performance, including relative spectral response (RSR) and signal to noise (SNR) is provided here for each sensor.


The OCI instrument is highly configurable with respect to spectral sampling across the hyperspectral focal planes. The initial on-orbit configuration will be the so-called ‘baseline mode’, providing 119 spectral bands on the blue FPA, and 163 spectral bands on the red FPA. Current best estimates for OCI RSR (version 1.0.0) as derived from flight unit testing (based on RSR measurements sampled at 1nm) are provided here. In the near future (summer 2023), we will provide an improved version that includes measurements at 0.1nm sampling and improved out-of-band measurements, so the version provided here is not final. However, we expect the format of the final version to be identical to version 1.0.0.

A simulated version of the OCI spectral response, based on information gained from the OCI Engineering Test Unit (ETU) and coupled with additional assumptions and modeling, is available below. This version was used for producing simulated Level-1B OCI data through PyTOAST (V9).

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  • Spectral Response Tables


  • Spectral Response Tables