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MODIS-Aqua Level-2 11µm Day/Night Sea Surface Temperature Data Version 2014

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Ocean Ecology Laboratory, Ocean Biology Processing Group. Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Aqua 11µm Day/Night Sea Surface Temperature Data; 2014 Reprocessing. NASA OB.DAAC, Greenbelt, MD, USA. doi: data/10.5067/AQUA/MODIS/L2/SST/2014.
Accessed on 11/25/2020

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Sensor SummaryMODIS (or Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) is a key instrument aboard the Terra (EOS AM) and Aqua (EOS PM) satellites. Terra's orbit around the Earth is timed so that it passes from north to south across the equator in the morning, while Aqua passes south to north over the equator in the afternoon. Terra MODIS and Aqua MODIS view the entire Earth's surface every 2 days, acquiring data in 36 spectral bands (see MODIS Technical Specifications). These data improve our understanding of global dynamics and processes occurring on the land, in the oceans, and in the lower atmosphere. MODIS plays a vital role in the development of validated, global, interactive Earth system models able to predict global change accurately enough to assist policy makers in making sound decisions concerning the protection of our environment.
Data Record PeriodOur set of data records covers the entire routine operations period from 2002-07-04 to PRESENT.
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