Mission Trend Analyses

This page contains links to global processing test results and comparative analyses for the :ocean color missions supported by the Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG). The target audience is primarily the OBPG staff that are actively engaged in sensor calibration and algorithm development and evaluation, hence the cryptic titles and general lack of descriptive information.

Latest NASA VIIRS reprocessing is R2014.0. VIIRS instrument calibration knowledge is evolving rapidly, and frequent updates to the mission timeseries should be anticipated.

Latest MODIS/Aqua reprocessing is R2014.0.

Latest MODIS/Terra reprocessing is R2014.0.

Latest SeaWiFS reprocessing is R2014.0.

Latest OCTS reprocessing is R2014.0.

Latest NASA CZCS reprocessing is R2014.0.

For MERIS, NASA Reprocessing 2012.1 is a first processing of the MERIS global timeseries using NASA standard algorithms consistent with MODIS/Aqua R2012.0 and SeaWIFS R2010.0.

Additional Information

  • Analysis Method
  • Miscellaneous Test Processing
  • VTxx = VIIRS test #xx, VRxx = MODIS/Aqua reprocessing version #xx
  • ATxx = MODIS/Aqua test #xx, ARxx = MODIS/Aqua reprocessing version #xx
  • TTxx = MODIS/Terra test #xx, TRxx = MODIS/Terra reprocessing version #xx
  • STxx = SeaWiFS test #xx, SRxx = SeaWiFS reprocessing version #xx
  • OTxx = OCTS test #xx, ORxx = OCTS reprocessing version #xx
  • CTxx = CZCS test #xx, CRxx = CZCS reprocessing version #xx
  • MRxx = MERIS reprocessing version #xx

Bryan Franz