SeaWiFS Project

SeaWiFS Receiving Station Assembly

The pictures below were taken during the upgrade of the SeaWiFS Receiving Station on May 4, 1998 at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. After the radome was assembled, the antenna reflector, feed and base were put together.

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Art bolts the
3 meter reflector
Making sure that
everything is
Jarrod uses a string
to check the shape
of the reflector
With the reflector
complete, it was now
time to attach it
to the base
The reflector was
lowered onto the
base and held while...
the attachment bolts
were tighetened
Jarrod and Art
check the attachment
The feed is
attached to
the reflector
on 4 metal struts
The assembled antenna
and radome halves
await final

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showing the integration of all the parts

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