SeaWiFS Project

SeaWiFS Receiving Station Assembly

The pictures below were taken during the upgrade of the SeaWiFS Receiving Station on May 4, 1998 at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. With all the pieces assembled, it was time to put everything together with the help of the crane.

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The hoisting straps
are attached to the
antenna assembly
The antenna is
swung into
The antenna is
lowered into the
bottom half of
the radome
Once the antenna is
secured, the upper
half of the radome
is lifted off the
Lowering the
radome into
Final alignment
before joining the
the two halves
Once the radom
was assembled
Jarrod caulked each
Each of the
hundreds of bolts
holding the radome
together had to be
tightened from the
inside after the
caulking was applied
Some people pay
to use a sauna.
I got mine
for free
while tightening
the bolts

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showing the final steps in the installation

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