SeaWiFS Project

SeaWiFS Receiving Station Assembly

The pictures below were taken during the upgrade of the SeaWiFS Receiving Station on May 4, 1998 at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. The new installation began with uncrating all the components, assembling the top and bottom halves of the radome and the support base.

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The new system
in crates along
the side of the
Jarrod starts to
uncrate the new system
The crate containing
the radome and reflector
Jarrod assembling the
top panels of
the radome
Getting ready to
attach legs to
platform base
The completed base
ready to be flipped
The assembled
radome top and
platform base
Attaching the first
panel of the lower half
of the radome
Two panels in place
Four panels Five All six in place
Tightening the
attachment bolts
underneath the
base platform
The completed
lower half

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showing the assembly of the antenna reflector and feed

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