SeaWiFS Project

SeaWiFS Receiving Station Assembly

The pictures below were taken during the upgrade of the SeaWiFS Receiving Station on May 4, 1998 at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. The existing 1.5 meter L/S band receiving station was replaced with a larger 3 meter antenna and 4 meter radome.

Before the new antenna, radome and pedestal could be installed, the exisiting system needed to be hoisted off the roof. Arthur (Art) Suazo of SeaSpace Corporation and Jarrod Lamphere working for SeaTel, Inc. did the work.

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Art attaching
lifting straps
to 1.5m radome
The radome is
lifted off the
The radome high
above the roof
The crane swings
the radome and
antenna over
the roof's edge
The old radome
is placed on a
shipping pallet
Preparing to
attach the lifting
straps to the old
The old pedestal
being lifted off
the roof platform
The pedestal on its way
The old pedestal
being placed on the

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showing the assembly of the radome and base support

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