SeaWiFS Spacecraft

SeaWiFS Project

This page provides a list of links where background information on various aspects of the SeaWiFS Project can be found.
What is SeaWiFS?
  • Background
  • Project Objectives, Organization and Operations
  • Spacecraft and Sensor Description

  • SeaWiFS Data
  • SeaWiFS Product Information
  • Getting SeaWiFS Data
  • How SeaWiFS Data is Processed before it Reaches You
  • How You Can Process SeaWiFS Data
  • Browsing SeaWiFS Data

  • More SeaWiFS Info
  • Guide to Acronyms
  • SeaWiFS Postlaunch Technical Report Series
  • SeaWiFS Prelaunch Technical Report Series
  • Image of Earth

    Project Briefing Materials

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    SeaWiFS Project Home Page

    gene carl feldman ( (301) 286-9428