The SNPP mission has restored data collection following a spacecraft anomaly that occurred on 26 July 2022. The VIIRS calibration team is evaluating the data to determine any impacts the two-week outage may have had on data quality. This evaluation may take several weeks to complete. Until such time as this analysis is complete and any calibration adjustments can be made, users are cautioned against using these data for scientific analyses.

Staff Listing

Project FAX: 301-286-0268

Aynur Abdurazik Software Engineer, Lead (SeaDAS) 616/SAIC 301-286-4072
Zia Ahmad Sr Scientist 616/SAIC 301-286-1404
Sam Anderson Chief Programmer 616/SSAI 301-286-2980
Dirk Aurin Research Scientist 616/MSU 301-286-8156
Sean Bailey DAAC Manager 610.2 301-286-3931
Sara Blumberg Communications 616/SSAI 301-286-7246
Grant Bradley Software Engineer 616/SAIC 301-286-7107
Ian Carroll Associate Research Scientist 616/UMBC 301-286-9330
Ivona Cetinić Scientist/Research Oceanographer 616/MSU 301-286-1514
Joaquin Chaves Laboratory Specialist (FSG) 616/SSAI 301-286-7045
John (Blake) Clark Associate Scientist 616/UMBC 301-286-3621
Rick Clark Software Engineer 616/SSAI TBD
Barbara Conboy Resource Analyst 157.1 301-286-3677
Susanne Craig Oceanographer 616/UMBC 301-286-8430
Carlos Del Castillo Ocean Ecology Lab Chief 616 301-286-8787
Gene Eplee Sr Programmer, Calibration/Validation Analyst 616/SAIC 301-286-0953
Gene Carl Feldman Emeritus 610.2 -
Gwyn Fireman Sr Software Engineer 616/SAIC 301-286-8910
Bryan Franz Research Oceanographer 616 301-286-5429
Scott Freeman Scientist (FSG) 616/SSAI 301-286-6875
Joel Gales Sr Scientific Analyst 616/SAIC 301-286-1403
Meng Gao Data Scientist 616/SSAI 301-286-2760
Chris Halligan Systems Administrator 616/SAIC 301-286-0116
Liang Hong Scientific Programmer 616/SAIC 301-286-5637
Stan Hooker Research Oceanographer 616 301-286-9503
Amir Ibrahim Research Oceanographer 616 301-286-2371
Erin Jephson Sr Research Scientist 616/SSAI 301-286-7727
Christopher Kenemer Sr Laboratory Technician (FSG) 616/SSAI 301-286-3932
Kirk Knobelspiesse Research Oceanographer 616 301-614-6242
Dan Knowles Programmer 616/SAIC 301-286-0563
Daisy Kum Systems Engineer 616/SAIC 301-286-4930
Shihyan Lee Scientific Analyst 616/SAIC 301-286-9681
Yuping (David) Liu Supporting Scientist 616/SSAI 301-286-4223
Chelsea Lopez Research Scientist 616/SSAI 301-286-9320
Robert Lossing Software Engineer 616/SAIC 301-286-4553
Antonio Mannino Oceanographer 616 301-286-0182
Lachlan McKinna Research Oceanographer 616/Go2Q 61(7)5415-1733
Gerhard Meister Research Oceanographer, Instrument Tech./Scientific Analyst 616 301-286-0758
Chris Moellers Systems Engineer 616/SSAI 301-286-4930
Martin Montes Scientific Programmer/Analyst 616/SSAI 301-286-0501
Aimee Neeley Research Scientist (FSG) 616/SSAI 301-614-5778
David Norris Software Engineer 616/SAIC 301-286-7107
Tommy Owens Software Engineer, Data System Programmer 616/SAIC 301-286-7122
Fred Patt 616/SAIC Project Manager 616/SAIC 301-286-5723
Christopher Proctor Programmer/Analyst II 616/SSAI 301-286-4759
Wayne Robinson Science Program Manager, Calibration/Validation Analyst 616/SAIC 301-286-3883
Cecile Rousseaux Research AST Oceanographic Studies 616 301-614-5750
Natasha Sadoff Sr Research Scientist 616/SSAI 301-286-3147
Katharine (Kitty) Sanchez Sr Systems Analyst 616/SSAI 301-286-6614
Violeta Sanjuan Calzado Research Scientist 616/UMBC 301-286-0674
Andrew Sayer Research Associate 616/MSU 301-614-6211
Alicia Scott Deputy DAAC Manager 616/SAIC 301-286-9975
Bridget Seegers Research Scientist 616/MSU 301-286-7017
Don Shea Sr Programmer/Scientific Analyst 616/SAIC 301-286-2339
Emerson Sirk Scientific Programmer/Analyst 616/SSAI 301-286-2653
Harrison Smith Scientific Analyst 616/SSAI 732-948-1906
Paul Smith Systems Manager 616/SAIC 301-286-2852
Masoud Soltanveis Web Database Developer 616/SAIC 301-286-4963
Inia Soto Ramos Scientist 616/MSU 301-614-6012
Crystal Thomas Staff Research Scientist (FSG) 616/SSAI 301-286-7299
Kevin R. Turpie Research Associate Professor 616/UMBC 301-286-9996
Ryan Vandermeulen Sr Research Scientist 616/SSAI 301-286-8966
Noah Vegh-Gaynor Software Engineer 616/SSAI 301-286-9891
Guoqing Wang DAAC Scientist 616/SSAI 301-286-4223
P. Jeremy Werdell Research Oceanographer 616 301-286-1440
John Wilding Sr Programmer/Analyst, Manager 616/SAIC 301-286-4569
Dana Wilson Sr Software Engineer 616/SAIC 301-286-4947
Bing (Beverly) Yang Software Engineer 616/SAIC 301-286-1069
Minwei Zhang Programmer/Analyst III 616/SAIC 301-286-5792