Ocean Color Reprocessing 2018.0


Reprocessing 2018.0 is a multi-mission reprocessing to incorporate updates in instrument calibration and vicarious calibration. The affected missions are VIIRS on SNPP, MODIS on Aqua and Terra, and SeaWiFS.

Instrument Calibration

In this reprocessing, the instrument calibration will be updated for MODIS and VIIR to to utilize the additional on-board (solar/lunar) calibration measurements collected since the R2014.0 reprocessings, and to incorporate advancements in modeling of sensor radiometric degradation from the on-board calibrators. Details for each sensor are provided in the sensor-specific reprocessing pages.

Vicarious Calibration

All NASA ocean color missions since SeaWiFS utilize a vicarious calibration to the Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY) to minimize residual error in instrument absolute calibration and systematic bias in the atmsopheric correction algrothm. Recent advancements in the MOBY instrument calibration and characterization by the MOBY Operations Team (MOT) have a significant impact on the MOBY time-series, and these changes have been found to significantly improve the accuracy of the satellite retrievals through the updated vicarious calibration.

The changes to MOBY include:

MOBY R2016 Reprocessing

In 2017, the MOBY time-series was reprocessed to include a number of refinements in MOBY instrument calibration and post processing with impacts of order 1-5% (largest in red), as documented here:


(note: only the arm depth and binning impacts the NASA vicarious calibration)

MOBY Straylight Correction

In addition, the MOBY Team updated the MOBY instrument straylight correction (SLC) (documentation pending), which has an impact to the water-leaving radiances of up to 7% (largest in the blue, varying with time). The impact of this correction is largest in the VIIRS era, and smallest in the SeaWiFS era.

Product and Algorithm Changes

No algorithm changes will be included in this reprocessing. The algorithms are identical to those emplyed in the R2014.0 multi-mission reprocessing.

Product Formats

No format changes will be included in this reprocessing. The file formats and product suites are identical to those emplyed in the R2014.0 multi-mission reprocessing.


Comparison of results relative previous reprocessing and relative to in situ measurements (where available) will be provided for each sensor prior to initiation of reprocessing for that sensor.