SST Reprocessing 2016.0


The R2016.0 processing of VIIRS Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data by the OBPG incorporates a revised cloud classification scheme based on the theory of Alternating Decision Trees (ADtree) developed by Freund and Mason 1999 and modified by Pfahringer et. al. 2000. A full description of parameters, training, and validation of the ADtree cloud mask can be found in Kilpatrick et. al. 2019.

Summary of Changes

  • Implemented a new "Alternating Decision Trees" methodology for cloud classification
  • Updated SST coefficients
  • Implemented VIIRS-specific sensor error statistics (SSES) LUTs

R2016.1 update

This is a minor update that includes:
  • Added an L2 GHRSST compliant single sensor error statistics (SSES) of bias and standard deviation, based on 5 years of collocated satellite and in situ data in the Miami VIIRS matchup database, using the same hypercube methodology as used for MODIS
  • Added a new ice test to fix a problem of thin/melting ice being misclassified as clear during the early summer melt season
  • Increased the lower threshold for valid SST retrievals to be a more geophysically justifiable -1.8℃ for seawater rather than the previous -2.0℃
  • minor bug fixes to the cloud classifier tests

R2016.2 update

This is a minor update that includes:
  • Apply the changes from R2016.1 to the entire mission time series (R2016.1 was a forward-stream update only)
  • Use the GHRSST Level 4 CMC (Canadian Meterological Centre) Global Foundation Sea Surface Temperature product as the reference SST value in place of the NOAA 1/4° daily Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature product
  • Implement a new file naming convention


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Kilpatrick, K.A., G. Podestá, E. Williams, S. Walsh, and P.J. Minnett, 2019: Alternating Decision Trees for Cloud Masking in MODIS and VIIRS NASA Sea Surface Temperature Products. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 36, 387–407, doi: 10.1175/JTECH-D-18-0103.1