SeaWiFS Reprocessing 4.1

Completed May 4, 2004

The Ocean Color Discipline Processing Group initiated a reprocessing of SeaWiFS data to incorporate a revised calibration table. The lunar measurements indicated that the existing calibration model was not accurately representing the temporal degradation in the forward stream. A revised double-exponential model was developed to better track the temporal degradation for both the early mission (Sep - Dec 1997) and the forward stream data. As the majority of the reprocessed data are not significantly different from the data archived at the Goddard DAAC, the decision was made to not send this reprocessing to the DAAC at this time. Data archived at the GDAAC prior to the initiation of reprocessing 4.1 will be slightly different from that available via the Ocean Color Web browser. Users may note very small differences in file sizes between the two data sets, most likely in the level-3 files, due to slight changes in the number of valid pixels going into the bins. Data processed after the this time will be identical.