Calibration Update - April 2001

On April 10, the SeaWiFS Calibration and Validation Team (CVT) updated the calibration table used in the SeaWiFS operational processing. This update incorporates a third piecewise linear time correction segment into the time corrections for both bands 7 and 8. This update is based on the continued analysis of the lunar calibration time series. This update does not have any effect on the vicarious gains, since there are no vicarious calibration matchups in the time range affected by the addition of the new time correction segment.
Table 1: Gain Coefficients
Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4 Band 5 Band 6 Band 7 Band 8
Operational — Gain Coefficients 1.00320 0.991537 0.962195 0.983553 0.991375 0.959085 0.946 1.00
The above gains are used with calibration table SeaWiFS_SENSOR_CAL.TBL-200008