Selected Regional Comparisons with POLDER

by Bryan Franz - SAIC and Jean-Marc Nicolas - University of Lille, France

Jean-Marc Nicolas of the POLDER calibration team has provided POLDER mean reflectance as a function of time for six regions:

The equivalent data from the OCTS GAC daily bin files were extracted, and plots of the temporal trends for the two sensors were made. The black lines are POLDER. The blue, green, and red lines are OCTS 443, 490, and 565 respectively.

With the possible exception of the high latitude regions, the temporal trends, and in most cases the absolute values, are in very good agreement. This provides strong evidence that most of the temporal variability seen in the OCTS results are real, seasonal effects, as it is unlikely that both instruments are changing equivalently.

The plots below are similar to Figures 3 and 6 from the OCTS/SeaWiFS comparison, but for OCTS/POLDER.