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CZCS Classic Scenes

NEW! https://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/czcs_classic_scenes

The Coastal Zone Color Scanner was designed to make precise measurements of the intensity of radiation in different portions (bands) of the color spectrum. Take a closer look at what scientists have learned from analyzing instrument data.



Science Focus!


Ocean Color Science Focus! is intended to highlight scientific phenomena, noteworthy events, and remarkable images that have been observed by NASA ocean color sensors. Click the link above to read more!


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Coastal Proximity Data Set


In June of 2009, we of NASA's Ocean Biology Processing Group pressed our computer hardware into the service of generating a global data set of distances from the nearest coastline.


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Studying Ocean Color From Space


This page features a guide originally prepared for teachers of 9th and 10th grade students. Information, questions, and activities are available in the material provided.


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Monitoring the Earth from Space with SeaWiFS


Prepared circa 1998, this online lecture was prepared for National Geographic describing the societal benefits of studying the ocean and the extent of what we can discover about our planet from space.


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SeaWiFS Poster


Orders for the SeaWiFS poster are no longer being processed; however, the poster is available as an electronic resource in print quality and web viewing quality via the links under the image. Please enjoy!


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SeaWiFS Image Creation Process


Have you ever wondered how the data received from the satellite is transformed into a breathtaking image? Norman Kuring shares the step-by-step process he followed to create some of his stunning images.


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Bigelow Online Resource: Food Web


NASA's ocean color satellite instruments are more sensitive than the human eye, surveying our global oceans in a few hours. But what are they sensing: Plants? Animals? Something else? Visit the Food web resource to continue exploring phytoplankton, food webs, microscopes, satellites and algal blooms.


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