NASA Ocean Color Research Team (OCRT)

Meeting Agenda
September 2022 (Virtual)

WED - 7 September 2022

NASA Headquarters Update

12:00-12:45 pm
Welcome& Program Updatesfor NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry
L. Lorenzoni, J. Scott/NASA Headquarters   Video

NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group Updates

12:45-1:05 pm
1:25-1:45 pm
SeaBASS Update
C. Proctor/NASA GSFC   Video
1:45-1:55 pm
- BREAK (10 min) -

NASA Flight/MissionUpdates

1:55-2:15 pm
2:15-2:35 pm
PACE Science and Application Team Updates
H. Dierssen/U. Connecticut   Video
2:35-2:55 pm
2:55-3:15 pm
Surface Biology and Geology(SBG)
K. Turpie/U. Maryland, Baltimore County   Video
3:15-3:25 pm
- BREAK (10 min) -

Looking to the Future of Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry at NASA

3:25-3:55 pm
NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry Science Vision Synthesis
L. Lorenzoni/NASA Headquarters
M.Behrenfeld/Oregon State U.
3:55-4:40 pm
Discussionand Q&A
4:40-5:00 pm
Wrap-upand NASA’s 2023 Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop preview
L. Lorenzoni, J. Scott/NASA Headquarters