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GIOVANNI is a tool that allows users to rapidly visualize, interact, and analyze ocean color data from various OB.DAAC-supported missions, along with datasets from numerous other NASA data archives. The tool allows users to investigate and study ocean color data products produced by the OB.DAAC such as satellite remote sensing radiometry, phytoplankton pigments, ocean optics/inherent optical properties, sea surface temperature, and sea surface salinity.

The GIOVANNI tool is maintained and developed by the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES-DISC).

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Ask questions and browse answers via the forums:

For ocean color science and data questions use: Giovanni Forum @ Ocean Color Web

For specific Giovanni interface and user experience questions use: Contact page @ GES-DISC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Giovanni acronym mean?
GES-DISC Interactive Online Visualization ANd aNalysis Infrastructure

What data, satellite missions,satellite sensors, time periods, and regions are available through Giovanni?
At this time the OBPG has made nearly all of its supported prime missions and standard products (i.e. chlorophyll a, sea surface temperature, inherent optical properties (IOPS)) available (*exceptions are HICO, OLCI, SGLI) at the MONTHLY level and at the 4km resolution when available. Incorporating 8-Day data into Giovanni is in progress. Additionally, Giovanni provides researchers with the capability to examine data on atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric temperature, water vapor and clouds, atmospheric aerosols, precipitation, and ocean chlorophyll and surface temperature. The data primarily consist of global gridded data sets with reduced spatial resolution.

What types of analysis can I conduct using Giovanni?
Giovanni provides remote sensing data alongside several different basic analytical capabilities, which include spatial maps of data variable values, difference maps, area-averaged time-series, animations, and vertical profiles of atmospheric variables. The mapping capability includes rapid averaging, so that mean values for months, seasons, or years can be visualized readily.

See the section on “Plot/Service Types” in the Giovanni Users Manual.

Are Giovanni-produced results suitable for publications?
All maps and plots generated by Giovanni can be immediately downloaded. Though it is not designed specifically as a data subsetting engine, for many data types Giovanni provides a relatively simple way to acquire spatially and temporally subsetted data, and it has been used for this purpose in numerous investigations. Giovanni is, ideally, a data exploration tool, allowing the performance of operations that used to require days and week for data acquisition and preparation to be performed in minutes, enabling more detailed analyses with considerably reduced time and effort.

How should I cite Giovanni or acknowledge the use of OBPG produced ocean color data products?
Giovanni Tool Citation (for analysis done or visualizations produced), click here. For OBPG data use acknowledgement, click here.

How can I save my searches and analyses?
Plotted maps and graphs can be downloaded as GeoTIFF, KMZs, PNG, and NetCDF files. The “Lineage” of the data files used during the processing can also be downloaded and saved.

Why does Giovanni requests fail to complete or sometimes Giovanni says “Workflow failed”?
Add excuse for Giovanni failing (it isn’t perfect, it accesses data from various different archives across multiple formats etc.) Please email the staff with details of your search so that they may catalog the problem to be address or fixed. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.