FSG: Cruise Reports

  • The Northeast Pelagic Survey 2013 (Pisces 13-01), was a seasonal, multidisciplinary survey that supports the goals of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center
  • CLiVEC-7 (Aug 2012) The seventh and final cruise for the project entitled Impacts of Climate Variability on Primary Production and Carbon Distributions in the Middle Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Maine (CLiVEC)
  • MURI (June 2012) The Ocean Ecology Laboratory Field Program Support Group (FPSG; code 616) was recently invited to participate in a cruise of opportunity aboard the R/V Kilo Moana, a 186 foot, dual-hulled research vessel operated by the University of Hawaii for the National Science Foundation and stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii. The cruise was funded by the Office of Naval Research in support of the Multiple University Research Initiative (MURI) project entitled 'Dynamic Camouflage in Benthic and Pelagic Cephalopods: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Crypsis Based on Color, Reflection, and Bioluminescence.' SSAI's Scott Freeman and Aimee Neeley represented the OEL on the cruise.
  • Chesapeake Bay (Nov 2011) The Ocean Ecology Laboratory Field Support Group (FSG; code 616) participated in a cruise of opportunity aboard the R/V Bay Commitment, a 41-foot, aluminum-hulled vessel based out of Annapolis, Md in November 2011. The vessel supports NOAA field operations throughout the Chesapeake Bay.
  • ICESCAPE-2011 (Jul 2011) Bio-optical and biogeochemical measurements in support of satellite ocean color calibration and validation