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- By orek Date 2018-05-22 15:19 Edited 2018-05-22 15:27
Hi, I am working on some HICO images with seadas 7.5 on Windows around Bosphorus (─░stanbul Turkey) and realize that the one is reverse or let say mirror viewed. The image is quite interesting because of nice mushroom-like features on the Black Sea side. Is it possible to correct it during the processing (I could easily correct it with an image viewer by flipping it horizontally), because the sea part looks OK but land part is located vice-versa. The data file is H2012183092709.L1B_ISS. I am attaching the png output of this file (right) and a correctly oriented one (left).


- By knowles Date 2018-05-22 18:17
Yes, for some HICO files the native orientation of the instrument is flipped (likely due to a maneuver).  These files can be identified by the metadata field: orientation = -XVV.   For these particular HICO files, SeaDAS loads them in to the visualization windows without making an orientation correction flip.  You can map this file and then it looks correct.  Attached is an image from this file I created with SeaDAS.  I ran l2gen (rhos_490, rhos_570, rhos_645) and then used the Reproject Tool (Oblique Sterographic projection, Central meridian 29.0, Latitude of origin 41.0) to ultimately create the attached true color image.

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