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- By asubramaniam Date 2018-02-02 15:36
I can't seem to find the Cruise Support Services option on the oceancolor home page, wonder if it somehow got replaced with something else during the most recent updates.
I am trying to subscribe for imagery for supporting a cruise, remember being able to fill out a form similar to the one that now exists for data subscriptions but one where I could provide an email address for automated generation and emailing of png files.  I can't seem to find the links to that form.
Also, I would like to know how to change the ranges for the color bar so I can scale the figures for the rather oligotrophic and warm waters I will be operating in.

Best wishes
PS I have a data subscription going and got my first set of emails today even though I did not provide an email address but I would like to add the addresses on the ship as well.
- By SeanBailey Date 2018-02-02 21:29
The page is the one you seek.  With it you can create/edit/delete subscriptions.  The default is to generate true color, chl and sst images to be emailed to the address associated with your Earthdata Login account.  We removed the option to provide an email address, as a surprising number of requests had erroneously entered addresses.  If you would like the images to go to additional addresses, y0u can either set up a local forward (many email services can do this with ease, e.g. Gmail's filter function provides such a capability) or you can send an email to requesting an additional disposition for your subscription requests.

...and yes, you can modify the scaling for the images that are sent.  Log back into the subscription manager, select your active subscriptions and you should see something like the image below...

Up Topic Products and Algorithms / Satellite Data Access / "Cruise Support Services" page

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