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- By pfsmith Date 2017-01-11 20:07 Edited 2017-01-13 17:31
A number of sites have experienced difficulty accessing our sites since late 2016.

In late December of 2016, our web sites were required to switch from http to https. We are now a https-only site.
If you are using the old http addresses to access our site, the redirection that makes this possible may stop working in the future. Please switch to https now.

There are several other factors that have caused problems recently. These include bad network routes  being published, asymmetric network routes, and changes in network infrastructure upstream from our service provider.  Any of these can result in a broken connection.

Diagnosing the problem
The first step is to contact your IT support team.  They can help you diagnose the problem and collect data that is needed to identify the cause.

Next, you can contact us, via the forum or through email (

Providing the following information will give us the information we need to identify network blockages and, if necessary, contact our service providers for additional networking assistance.

1. The date and time you last attempted to access the site

2. The IP network address of your system.
You may also want to verify that we see you as that address by visiting an IP-checking website:

3.  Output from a traceroute command (on Windows use tracert)

4. Output from  "wget -d"
or "wget -d"

Alternatively, you can try  "curl -IL --verbose"

Additional information can be found in the Data Access FAQ section of this forum. Some of that information may be out-of-date after recent changes.
Up Topic Frequently Asked Questions / Data Access FAQ / Having Data Access Issues?

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