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- By aynur Date 2015-05-06 18:08 Edited 2018-06-29 14:39
            SeaDAS 7.2 - Release Notes (05/06/2015)                        

The SeaDAS development team is pleased to announce the release of SeaDAS 7.2
This release includes several new and updated features, as well as bug fixes.

SeaDAS Application

   New Features:
       Band Filters Added
            - Low-Pass Radial Attenuation
            - Circular Mean
            - Straylight

            - Bathymetry values are now 'true depth' accounting for local
              water surface height instead of being relative to sea level
            - Bathymetry values are now in positive units.
            - Default bathymetry color scheme is in log space to better depict
              shallow water floor features.

        Color Palettes Added/Revised
            - Bathymetry color palette revised with a smoother transition from
              light blue-green to dark blue-green.
            - Various gradient palettes added.
            - Default (oceancolor_standard.cpd) revised to not use black at
              high saturation.

        Color Schemes:
            - Added a user-defined data file for generating custom schemes
              and/or overriding default schemes.
            - Added a user-defined data file for customizing the scheme
            - Added a wildcard feature to enable more generic auto-application
              of color schemes.

        Contour Lines
            - Refinements to user interface.
            - Now uses a band filter by default.

        RGB "True Color" Profiles Added
            - Includes profiles for several missions using relevant rhos bands.
            - Includes hybrid profiles with separate land and water algorithms
              (uses level-2 file LAND mask)
   Bug Fixes:
  Color Schemes
            - Fixed bug where parameter changes in the Color Manager of a band
              which did not match a default scheme name were being lost when
              toggling between bands.

        Contour Lines
            - Fixed bugs related to the usage of band filters inside of the
              contour tool.
            - Fixed bugs which could cause program freeze-up on invalid user
              GUI field entries.

   Known Issues:
Processing Code (OCSSW)

The science processing code has been updated to reflect changes recently implemented
in production (e.g. corrected implementation of the chlorophyll algorithm that resulted
in the reprocessing version R2014.1 of the VIIRS mission).

   New Features/Modifications:
  Support for the Operational Land Imager on Landsat 8
  New program added, l3mapgen - an eventual replacement for smigen
        l1bgen binary renamed l1bgen_generic
        removed limit on NDVI calculation
  revised the MODIS L1 reader function
  Added 3 new Primary Productivity L2 products:
  Improved “dataday” calcluation for l2bin
  Generalized L2 flag percentages and added new flag percentages for:
   Bug Fixes:
  Corrected indexing error in the qaa (and related) algorithm
  updated several product scaling/min/max definitions
        fixed a segmentation fault bug in l2extract netCDF extraction
        corrected dpixl/dline implementation
  several minor metadata corrections
        fixed bug that caused a segmentation fault in l2gen if multiple output files were
  defined for netCDF4
  fix for chl_hu, chl_oci, to correct algebraic error in original implementation.


The SeaDAS Development Group
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