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- By aynur Date 2014-10-03 18:33 Edited 2016-05-18 19:32
            SeaDAS 7.1 - Release Notes (10/3/2014)                        

The SeaDAS development team is pleased to announce the release of SeaDAS 7.1,
which is built atop a slightly modified BEAM 5.0 version.

SeaDAS 7.1 is a significant release in several respects. It has a new user
interface with cleaner, simpler and more attractive layout which makes
finding and using tools easier. Frequently used tools have default behavior
that reduces user operation time. It also includes new tools, such as
bathymetry and mask tool and contour operator tool. In addition to new
features, it includes bug fixes and feature enhancements.

SeaDAS Application

   New Features:

        Reorganized toolbars, menu items and the default UI layout
  Redesigned user interface icons
        Added Bathymetry and mask tool
        Added Contour tool
        Graticule tool is improved significantly:
    - Users can control label location, label angle, line spacing,
      font size, tick-marks, border, widths, colors, and transparency
          - Default behavior produces an auto-spaced grid
        Color-Bar tool is improved:
           - Users can control number of tick-marks, decimal places, font size,
             manually entered points, scaling factor, color-bar sizing and
           - Color bar can now be added as a layer on top of the image
           - Default behavior produces a color-bar with reasonable values
        Major revision to Color Palette Tool:
           - Color scheme selector enables easy selection of product specific
             and custom schemes.
           - Saves and stores selected scheme and palette name.
        Changed wording of ‘Product’ to ‘File’ to avoid confusion.
        Changed the default background and no-data colors.
        Geometries are now selectable and movable.
        Geometries can now be defined with entered coordinates.
   Bug Fixes:
               - Fixed reported bugs from SeaDAS 7.0.2
               - Fixed issues with log scaling in Color Palette and Color-bar
               - Fixed issues related to vector layer
               - Fixed issues with coastline DIMAP saving
               - Fixed issues with multi-processor
               - Fixed issues with SeaDAS help
   Known Issues:
        Contour shape files exported from SMI or "SeaDAS Mapped" HDF file images
  cannot be imported correctly  
Processing Code (OCSSW)

The science processing code has undergone major changes for the 2014
multi-mission ocean color data reprocessing:

Many of these changes are related to the format change from HDF4 to netCDF4:

   New Features:
    New netCDF4 output, including significant changes to file metadata
    New, higher resolution landmark
    New terrain height correction code
    Radiance units now output in W m^2 (formerly mW cm^-2)
    New default chlorophyll algorithm
    Updated PIC algorithm
    Updated PAR algorithm
    Updated SST algorithm
    Added two PFT algorithms
    Updated backscattering coefficients for the IOP models and atmospheric
        correction algorithm (NIR iteration scheme), including temperature
        and salinity dependence.
    Improvements to l3bindump


The SeaDAS Development Group
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