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- By aynur Date 2013-10-22 14:34
            SeaDAS 7.0.1 - Release Notes (10/22/2013)

SeaDAS 7.0.1 includes a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements for the
SeaDAS product readers, processing code, and GUI interface. This update
includes several minor changes made to the underlying BEAM code (version


Product Readers:
        Improved flagging of invalid geolocation
        CZCS - corrected issues with geolocation
        HICO - corrected issues with loading several geometry fields
             - corrected reading of flag array

Processing code:
        GOCI support
        Fixed several issues with reading VIIRS L1
        Added support for compression with netCDF output
        Added healpix binning option
        Set NAVWARN for MODIS scans more than 1 degree off nominal pointing
        Modified l1info to better handle uncertain navigation
        removed products: logchl, chl_clark, tsm_clark
        modified l2gen product definition model to use external XML file
        updated several third-party libraries
        numerous changes to eliminate compiler warnings and resolve minor bugs

SeaDAS Processing GUI:
        Improved input file selection performance
        Improved multi-processors implementation (back-end code and GUI)
            added ability to specify a product suite
            enhanced the selection of the flaguse parameter values
                flaguse values are correlated to suite selection, outfile
                name reflects selected product, suite, resolution, and
                product type
        ocssw installer - added hico mission data installation
        extractor GUI - eliminated lon/lat to pixel translation button. Once
            all lon/lat values are entered, pixel values are automatically
        modis_L1A, modis_GEO, modis_L1B GUIs - eliminated "verbose" flag from
            the GUI
        l2mapgen, l2brsgen, smigen GUI - displays available products based on
            the input file


The SeaDAS Development Group
Up Topic Announcements / SeaDAS Announcements / SeaDAS 7.0.1 Released (locked)

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