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Up Topic SeaDAS / SeaDAS 6.x Virtual Appliance for Windows / Saedas Base files require password (locked)
- By parassidiqui Date 2011-04-25 07:00

I downloaded the tar zip files of

I have still a query, that is when i extracted the file seadasva62.exe , and run it on VM player, and then downloaded the supporting files like Base files required to enable data processing; but in terminal at few steps the linux asks for password of SEADAS, i am not given any password for having rights to write on it, what should i do

please guide me on this, I am having confusion and trouble in installation

thanking you in advance
- By seanbailey Date 2011-04-25 13:48
You should rarely - if ever - need to enter a password to use the SeaDAS virtual machine, however, if you need it, it's: seadas
BTW, you do NOT need it to explode the tar files for data processing.

- By gnwiii Date 2011-04-25 15:33
I've never needed to supply the seadas password when installing packages in the virtual appliance.  Were you following step 8) from the documentation, e.g., using a terminal (command line) either:

tar xvfz ~/shared/<file you downloaded>


mv <file you downloaded> $SEADAS
tar xvfz <file you downloaded>

If you omitted the "cd $SEADAS" step or somehow $SEADAS
is not defined, you could get errors like "Permission denied",
or "Cannot mkdir".  What is the result of "echo $SEADAS"?

Depending how you downloaded the files, it is possible that the
seadas user doesn't have permission to move them (2nd
example) or to read the files.  If the system where you installed SeaDAS
has internet access, you can use the browser in the VA to paste
terminal output into a forum message.
- By gathot_winarso Date 2011-04-27 14:44
I faced the same problem.
Just remove the previous seadas installation (not MVWare), then extract again.
I solved the problem by that steps.
Please try
Up Topic SeaDAS / SeaDAS 6.x Virtual Appliance for Windows / Saedas Base files require password (locked)

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