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- By seanbailey Date 2011-04-08 17:38 Edited 2011-04-08 17:59
Dear SeaDAS Community,

This is to announce the release of the second update to SeaDAS version 6.2.

This update includes several bug fixes and the minor changes:
*  modification to the MODIS attitude/ephemeris selection process to
  handle a change in the MODIS Aqua predicted data source
   -  replaced modis_predicted_atteph.csh and modis_definitive_atteph.csh
   with a new python script
    -  modified the IDL GUI to reflect these changes to the scripts
*  corrected a bug in the expansion of environment variables.  This
  bug produced segmentation fault in l2gen processing
*  corrected a byte-swapping problem for reading certain binary files
  (e.g. the SeaWiFS elements.dat file)
*  corrected minor errors in default environment variables
*  corrected a dateline crossing issue with lonlat2pixline
*  numerous minor changes for improved 64bit compatibilty
*  modification to l1aextract_modis code to prevent  creation of
  extracts that cannot be processed
*  increased the size of the virtual machine from 8GB to 120GB
*  data changes to be applied with an upcoming CZCS reprocessing

In addition to these changes, there are now python versions of several processing scripts, including:

These scripts will eventually replace their .csh cousins (in the case of, it already has...) 
Every effort was made to ensure these scripts will work with Python versions 2.4 and above, although we
recommend at least version 2.6.   If you have home grown processing scripts that use the .csh versions of
the above, you should consider modifying those to use these new python versions, as we will eventually
stop supporting the csh versions.

Installing the update:
1) change directory to $SEADAS/updates
    (if one does not already exist, create it: mkdir $SEADAS/updates)                                                            
2) download the OS-specific update file:           
3) uncompress the update file:                                               
        gunzip -c update_02_ARCH.tar.gz | tar xvpf -
  where 'ARCH' is the OS-specific identifier (e.g. linux)                  
4) run the update script:                                                    
    change directories to  $SEADAS/updates/update_02
    run update_02.csh                                  
Virtual Machine update requires downloading the updated self-extracting executable:


The SeaDAS Development Team
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