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- By mike Date 2009-04-10 20:39
How soon is ancillary meteorological and ozone data available for NRT Level-2 processing?

The OBGP group depends on the NASA DAAC for ancillary MET and OZONE data so the latency is beyond our control and is often difficult to predict. The current estimate is that MET files are generally available within 2-3 hours, and daily TOAST files are currently showing up at around 05:00 UTC.

Paraphrasing our data server Jedi:

An estimation of latency can be determined for the typical case where all of the necessary resources are up by observing the creation times for the MET/OZONE files on the server for a period of time. For example, below are the creation dates for files from 200909*:

Mar 31 20:54 090/S200909018_NCEP.MET
Mar 31 08:50 090/S200909006_NCEP.MET
Mar 31 14:34 090/S200909012_NCEP.MET
Mar 31 02:34 090/S200909000_NCEP.MET
Apr  1 02:50 091/S200909100_NCEP.MET
Apr  1 14:44 091/S200909112_NCEP.MET
Apr  1 21:02 091/S200909118_NCEP.MET
Apr  1 08:42 091/S200909106_NCEP.MET
Apr  2 08:23 092/S200909206_NCEP.MET
Apr  2 02:41 092/S200909200_NCEP.MET
Apr  2 20:38 092/S200909218_NCEP.MET
Apr  2 14:42 092/S200909212_NCEP.MET
Apr  3 02:38 093/S200909300_NCEP.MET
Apr  3 14:43 093/S200909312_NCEP.MET
Apr  3 09:38 093/S200909306_NCEP.MET
Apr  3 20:40 093/S200909318_NCEP.MET
Apr  4 08:41 094/S200909406_NCEP.MET
Apr  4 02:35 094/S200909400_NCEP.MET
Apr  4 19:18 094/S200909412_NCEP.MET
Apr  4 21:00 094/S200909418_NCEP.MET
Apr  5 14:54 095/S200909512_NCEP.MET
Apr  5 08:46 095/S200909506_NCEP.MET
Apr  5 20:48 095/S200909518_NCEP.MET
Apr  5 02:37 095/S200909500_NCEP.MET
Apr  6 14:41 096/S200909612_NCEP.MET
Apr  6 08:57 096/S200909606_NCEP.MET
Apr  6 02:50 096/S200909600_NCEP.MET
Apr  6 20:44 096/S200909618_NCEP.MET
Apr  7 08:52 097/S200909706_NCEP.MET
Apr  7 14:50 097/S200909712_NCEP.MET
Apr  7 02:40 097/S200909700_NCEP.MET
Apr  7 20:48 097/S200909718_NCEP.MET

Apr  1 05:13 090/S20090900009023_TOAST.OZONE
Apr  2 05:39 091/S20090910009123_TOAST.OZONE
Apr  3 05:18 092/S20090920009223_TOAST.OZONE
Apr  4 05:13 093/S20090930009323_TOAST.OZONE
Apr  5 05:21 094/S20090940009423_TOAST.OZONE
Apr  6 05:15 095/S20090950009523_TOAST.OZONE
Apr  7 05:26 096/S20090960009623_TOAST.OZONE

So for this stretch of time, the MET files seem to lag by about 2-3 hours of the acquisition time (hours 00,06,12,18) although there are cases where it is longer. The TOAST ozone files for a day tend to show up around 05:00 the next day.  If someone is capturing real-time satellite data and processing them immediately, then it is unlikely that optimal MET/OZONE data will ever be available. They are welcome to try to pull the raw grib files from the sources and convert them to our HDF formats themselves. We get them from the DAAC. Perhaps there is a way to get them directly from their respective projects to eliminate any DAAC-induced latency, but we don't have any information on that.
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