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- By mike Date 2006-05-09 17:24 Edited 2011-08-25 08:26
NOTE: While the tar files described below are still accessible, they have not been updated since July 2008.

To facilitate downloading of Level-2 ancillary data, the OBPG ftp server is now hosting monthly MET/OZONE and cumulative OISST compressed tar files recommended for optimum l2gen L1 to L2 processing. The files stored within these archives are identical to the separate ancillary files found on our ftp server. If using the SeaDAS ancillary data search function it may be advantageous to download files for the time period you are processing in advance, to avoid downloads during batch processing. After downloading the archive files, if they are uncompressed/untarred in the $SEADAS/var/metoz/ or the $SEADAS/var/oisst/ directory, the files will automatically be created in their correct 'year/day/' subdirectories.


The directory now contains monthly tarballs of all the MET and OZONE ancillary files for the year and month specified in each filename. Use of MET/OZONE ancillary data files is recommended for L1 to L2 processing of all sensor-types.

So for example, if you were creating Level-2 files for the month of February, 2007 you could download the metoz_2007_feb.tar.bz2 file and then execute the following commands to populate the SeaDAS ancillary directories:

   mv  metoz_2007_feb.tar.bz2  $SEADAS/var/metoz
   bunzip2  -c  metoz_2007_feb.tar.bz2  |tar  xvf  -
   rm  metoz_2007_feb.tar.bz2

OISST: contains all OISST data files from 1981 through to the end of 1996. contains all OISST data files from Jan 1, 1997 to near present.

OISST ancillary files are only recommended for MODIS processing, but can also be used by all sensors for certain derived product algorithms such as the Carder bio-optical model.
Up Topic Products and Algorithms / Satellite Data Access / MET/OZONE/OISST tarballs available (locked)

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