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Up Topic Products and Algorithms / Satellite Data Access / Subscription File showing up
- By oo_processing Date 2020-10-13 14:09
For some reason a doy 280 file showed up in several of my subscriptions and was downloaded.
It could not get past . From:

BEGIN_PGE: Tue Oct 13 09:58:57 2020    
MSG_TAG: 11                            
FILE: /shares/cms_optics/virtual_ant/S4P/S4P_MODIS_H5/test/LogStatus.MOD00.A2020280.0330.MRIVER_FULL.L1A_LAC
LOGGING: status message logging enabled                                                                    
TRACE_LEVEL: tracing disabled                                                                              
PID_LOGGING: disabled                                                                                      
DISABLED_LEVELS: none                                                                                      
DISABLED_SEEDS: none                                                                                       
DISABLED_CODES: none                                                                                       
THREAD-SAFE MODE:  disabled                                                                                
TOOLKIT_VERSION: SCF  TK5.2.19                                                                             

The L1A process started: L1A version 6.0.6 built on Aug 16 2019, at 12:46:26

No reference was found matching Product ID (599001) and Version number (1).

Error in getting valid L0 file: L0 data set does not correspond with granule times
L0 Start/Stop: 876108610.372183 876108630.081750
PCF Start/Stop: 876108610.000000 876108600.000000

Cannot retrieve a valid L0 file: L0 LUN: 599002

Program failed initialization: Routine initialize_level1a failed

The L1A process ended: L1A return code = 1

I have downloaded the file twice and it is small. Much smaller than the previous MOD00.A2020280.0325_1.PDS.bz2
[bmurch@optics0 test]$ ll /cms_zfs/sat_data/modis/l0/2020/280/MOD00.A2020280.0330_1.PDS.bz2
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bmurch cms_optics 5626081 Oct 13 09:44 /cms_zfs/sat_data/modis/l0/2020/280/MOD00.A2020280.0330_1.PDS.bz2
[bmurch@optics0 test]$ ll /cms_zfs/sat_data/modis/l0/2020/280/MOD00.A2020280.0325_1.PDS.bz2
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bmurch cms_optics 81509520 Oct  6 15:54 /cms_zfs/sat_data/modis/l0/2020/280/MOD00.A2020280.0325_1.PDS.bz2
Up Topic Products and Algorithms / Satellite Data Access / Subscription File showing up

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