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- By seanbailey Date 2019-10-22 15:12
To our OceanColor community,

The Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG) and the Ocean Biology Distributed
Active Archive Center (OB.DAAC) would like to inform you of a few changes
coming over the next few weeks to months.  These include:

    1) Updated file naming convention (this announcement)
    2) SST reprocessing (this announcement)
    3) Data subscription reconfirmation (details to be provided in November)
    4) EarthData Login requirement for data downloads (details to be provided in November)

1) Updated File Naming Convention

Our current file naming convention was defined over two decades ago with a
single mission in mind (SeaWiFS).  As we took on responsibility for more
missions, we adapted as best we could to the SeaWiFS convention.  Due to the
constraints of the original convention, not all missions were able to fit the
convention nicely, so inconsistencies arose.  With each new mission, we
struggled with how to fit it into this legacy convention.  We realized it was
time to redefine the convention. This change may be jarring to some, but the
consistency achieved is something we have long needed.

A couple examples of the change:

Details about this new naming convention are available at:
The new naming convention will be applied to each mission/data set as it is
reprocessed by the Ocean Biology Processing Group.  The first data set to get
the new scheme will be the SST data sets for MODIS (Aqua and Terra) and SNPP

Speaking of SST reprocessing...

2) SST reprocessing

We will be initiating a reprocessing for MODIS (Aqua and Terra) and SNPP VIIRS
SST beginning on 28 October 2019.  The SNPP VIIRS mission will be reprocessed
first, followed by Aqua MODIS and finally Terra MODIS.


The SNPP VIIRS SST reprocessing is primarily to bring consistency to the full
mission.  In mid-2018, a minor update to the VIIRS SST processing was
introduced in the forward stream.  This reprocessing will apply those changes
to the full mission, as well as introduce the use of the GHRSST CMC (Canadian
Meteorological Center) Global Foundation Sea Surface Temperature product as
the reference SST.

The SST products for the MODIS sensors on both the Aqua and Terra platforms
will be reprocessed to incorporate a revised cloud classification scheme based
on the theory of Alternating Decision Trees (ADtree) developed by Freund and
Mason 1999 and modified by Pfahringer et. al. 2000.  This methodology has been
in use for the VIIRS-SNPP SST product since R2016.0.

Additionally, a correction for atmospheric dust aerosol contaminated nighttime
data based on the work of Luo et al., (2019) has been implemented and, as with
the VIIRS reprocessing, the use of the CMC reference SST will be included.
Stay tuned for another message to be sent next month describing the changes to
the data subscription service and explaining the EarthData Login requirement
for data downloads.

- By seanbailey Date 2019-10-28 18:12
UPDATE on SST reprocessing:

The reprocessing code changes are being migrated into our production environment.  We expect to switch VIIRS SST processing to the new configuration and begin flowing data later this week

- By seanbailey Date 2019-11-01 21:47
Update #2:

The good news is that reprocessing configuration for VIIRS (SNPP) SST products has been enabled and the new file naming convention has been applied.
The updated names apply to SST products only.  The ocean color products will get the name change with the next ocean color reprocessing.

The bad news is that the L1/2 Browser updates are not quite ready, so searches for new VIIRS SNPP data will fail until the fixes are in.   We apologize for
this inconvenience.  We hope to have the issues resolved early next week (the week of Nov 4th 2019).

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