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- By andrew.meredith Date 2016-06-09 15:58
I recently installed seadas 7.3.2 on a RHEL6 linux server and am attempting to process an OLCI FR L1 file. The input file is in a L1 SAFE format.  I tried a number of options for ifile parameter without much success. l2gen appears to recognize the xfdumanifest.xml but it's not initializing the nscans and npix correctly. Should l2gen handle files in this format or is some reformatting required or do i have some other problem?

Command and output follow:
l2gen  ifile=/data/OLCI/test_data/S3A_OL_1_EFR____20100602T094537_20100602T094837_20150601T075458_0180_090_02                                                                                                                                                                 2______LN2_D_NT_001.SEN3/xfdumanifest.xml

3 Nodes are contained in root
SENTINEL-3 OLCI Level 1 Earth Observation Full Resolution Product
OLCI:  Found all meta data information
Input file /data/OLCI/test_data/S3A_OL_1_EFR____20100602T094537_20100602T094837_20150601T075458_0180_090_022__                                                                                                                                                                 ____LN2_D_NT_001.SEN3/xfdumanifest.xml is an OLCI file.
Loading default parameters from /opt/seadas/7.3/ocssw//run/data/common/msl12_defaults.par
Loading default parameters for OLCI from /opt/seadas/7.3/ocssw//run/data/olci/msl12_defaults.par
Loading parameters for suite OC from /opt/seadas/7.3/ocssw//run/data/olci/msl12_defaults_OC.par
Loading command line parameters

Loading user parameters for OLCI

Loading characteristics for OLCI
Opening sensor information file /opt/seadas/7.3/ocssw//run/data/olci/msl12_sensor_info.dat
  Bnd   Lam       Fo    Tau_r     k_oz    k_no2    t_co2   awhite       aw      bbw
    0  400.000  148.529 3.564e-01 2.985e-06 6.175e-19 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 6.678e-03 3.359e-03
    1  412.000  171.115 3.174e-01 2.341e-04 6.083e-19 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 4.620e-03 2.952e-03
    2  442.000  186.525 2.379e-01 2.897e-03 4.907e-19 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 6.795e-03 2.192e-03
    3  490.000  193.407 1.549e-01 2.066e-02 2.933e-19 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 1.539e-02 1.408e-03
    4  510.000  192.249 1.318e-01 4.129e-02 2.187e-19 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 3.299e-02 1.190e-03
    5  560.000  179.940 8.999e-02 1.058e-01 7.363e-20 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 6.215e-02 8.050e-04
    6  620.000  164.976 5.948e-02 1.085e-01 2.818e-20 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 2.757e-01 5.267e-04
    7  665.000  153.071 4.477e-02 5.005e-02 6.645e-21 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 4.285e-01 3.937e-04
    8  674.000  149.598 4.246e-02 4.095e-02 1.014e-20 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 4.486e-01 3.729e-04
    9  681.000  147.028 4.060e-02 3.507e-02 6.313e-21 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 4.721e-01 3.562e-04
   10  709.000  140.520 3.459e-02 1.887e-02 4.938e-21 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 8.021e-01 3.023e-04
   11  754.000  126.621 2.695e-02 8.743e-03 1.379e-21 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 2.867e+00 2.343e-04
   12  761.000  124.918 2.589e-02 6.713e-03 4.472e-22 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 2.868e+00 2.249e-04
   13  764.000  124.241 2.547e-02 6.916e-03 6.270e-22 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 2.859e+00 2.211e-04
   14  768.000  122.770 2.505e-02 6.754e-03 5.325e-22 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 2.835e+00 2.174e-04
   15  779.000  117.569 2.364e-02 7.700e-03 3.691e-22 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 2.699e+00 2.048e-04
   16  865.000   95.888 1.548e-02 2.156e-03 2.868e-23 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 4.616e+00 1.329e-04
   17  885.000   92.994 1.410e-02 1.226e-03 4.617e-23 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 5.566e+00 1.209e-04
   18  900.000   89.547 1.318e-02 1.513e-03 5.512e-23 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 6.418e+00 1.128e-04
   19  940.000   82.516 1.108e-02 7.120e-04 3.167e-24 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 1.884e+01 9.451e-05
   20 1012.000   70.063 8.134e-03 8.448e-05 0.000e+00 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 3.249e+01 6.893e-05

Internal data compression requested at compression level: 4
OLCI L1B Npix  :0 Nscans:0
Allocated 768 bytes in L1 record.
Allocated 12 bytes in L2 record.
-E- l2gen: scan and pixel limits make no sense.
start scan  = 1
end   scan  = 0
start pixel = 1
end   pixel = 0

- By andrew.meredith Date 2016-06-22 15:33
Just curious if anyone had suggestions on resolving my OLCI l2gen issue?

- By knowles Date 2016-06-23 11:36
Hi Andrew,

SeaDAS, or more specifically the OCSSW processors, do not yet support OLCI.  The OLCI science data has not been released yet.  OLCI is still in the commissioning phase (E1).  If you go to OCSSW->Update Processors you will see that OLCI is not there.  The OLCI processors need to be installed, before l2gen can work, and they are not released yet.

Once data dissemination to end-users occurs, we expect OLCI to be fully supported in SeaDAS and l2gen.

For more see:

- By dshea Date 2016-06-23 12:11
We have a problem parsing some of the OLCI xml files.  Have not looked into the xml parser yet, but will soon.  The next version of the code accepts any of the radiance NetCDF files as the ifile .  Can't say when we will push out the new version.

- By dshea Date 2016-06-23 12:43
Try changing your working directory to:

/data/OLCI/test_data/S3A_OL_1_EFR____20100602T094537_20100602T094837_20150601T075458_0180_090_022__                                                                                                                                                                 ____LN2_D_NT_001.SEN3

before running l2gen.  Then use ifile=xfdumanifest.xml
- By fsteinmetz Date 2016-06-27 09:41
I confirm that this workaround does the trick. Thanks Don.
- By andrew.meredith Date 2016-06-27 10:56
Worked for me also.

Thank you,
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