Vol. 11: SeaWiFS Post-Launch Calibration and Validation Analyses, Part 3

SeaWiFS Post-Launch Technical Report Series


O'Reilly, J.E., and 24 Coauthors, 2000: SeaWiFS Postlaunch Calibration and Validation Analyses, Part 3. NASA Tech. Memo. 2000-206892, Vol. 11, S.B. Hooker and E.R. Firestone, Eds., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 49 pp.


Volume 11 continues the sequential presentation of postlaunch data analysis and algorithm descriptions begun in Volume 9. Chapters 1 and 2 present the OC2 (version 2) and OC4 (version 4) chlorophyll-a algorithms used in the SeaWiFS data second and third reprocessings, August 1998 and May 2000, respectively. Chapter 3 describes a revision of the K(490) algorithm designed to use water-leaving radiances at 490 nm which was implemented for the third reprocessing. Finally, Chapter 4 is an analysis of in situ radiometer calibration data over several years at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) to establish the temporal consistency of their in-water optical measurements.

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