The SNPP mission has restored data collection following a spacecraft anomaly that occurred on 26 July 2022. The VIIRS calibration team is evaluating the data to determine any impacts the two-week outage may have had on data quality. This evaluation may take several weeks to complete. Until such time as this analysis is complete and any calibration adjustments can be made, users are cautioned against using these data for scientific analyses.

Effect of Collection 5 Changes on MODIS/Aqua Short-Wave SST

Before Changes After Changes
SST Retrieval
SST Quality
Flag 1
ISMASKED:Pixel was aready masked
Flag 2
BTBAD:Brightness temperatures are bad
Flag 3
BTRANGE:Brightness temperatures are out-of-range
Flag 4
BTDIFF:Brightness temperatures are too different
Flag 5
SSTRANGE:SST outside valid range
Flag 6
SSTREFDIFF:SST is too different from reference
Flag 7
SST4DIFF:Longwave SST is different from shortwave SST
Flag 8
SST4VDIFF:Longwave SST is very different from shortwave SST
Flag 9
BTNONUNIF:Brightness temperatures are spatially non-uniform
Flag 10
BTVNONUNIF:Brightness temperatures are very spatially non-uniform
Flag 11
BT4REFDIFF:Brightness temperatures differ from reference
Flag 12
REDNONUNIF:Red-band spatial non-uniformity or saturation
Flag 13
HISENZ:Sensor zenith angle high
Flag 14
VHISENZ:Sensor zenith angle very high