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Simulated and Proxy Data

For OCI, simulated data at Level-1B is being generated to support processing software development and testing. Simulated Level-1C data has been produced for SPEXone, and there is a SPEX airborne instrument that provides valuable proxy data for testing algorithms. Proxy data is also available for HARP2, including data from an airborne version, and the HARP cubesat that began operations in April 2020.

OCI Level-1B

Several simulators have been developed to produce OCI Level-1B data.

  • pyTOAST Simulation

    The python top-of-atmosphere simulation tool (pyTOAST) utilizes retrieved surface and atmospheric properties and top-of-atmosphere (TOA) radiances from MODIS and VIIRS, pre-computed radiative-transfer look-up tables for the OCI spectral response, and spectral libraries of land and clouds to produce realistic radiometry in the standard Level-1B format of OCI. The pyTOAST simulator is computationally efficient, and thus allows for large scale production for testing retrieval software mechanics and data flow. OCI Level-1B pyTOAST data is available for a 5-day period from 21-25 March 2019.

  • GMAO Simulation (coming soon)

SPEXone Level-1C

HARP2 Level-1C