The SNPP mission has restored data collection following a spacecraft anomaly that occurred on 26 July 2022. The VIIRS calibration team is evaluating the data to determine any impacts the two-week outage may have had on data quality. This evaluation may take several weeks to complete. Until such time as this analysis is complete and any calibration adjustments can be made, users are cautioned against using these data for scientific analyses.


Sensor SummaryCOral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL) is one of NASA's Earth Venture Suborbital-2 (EVS-2) missions designed to provide an extensive, uniform survey of coral reef communities through the use of the Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM) instrument aboard the Tempus Applied Solutions Gulfstream-IV (G-IV) aircraft. The CoRAL mission combined a variety of in situ data, deployed under six sub-campaigns, to identify reef composition and study primary production near the Mariana Islands, Palau, portions of the Great Barrier Reef, and the Hawaiian Islands.
Data Record PeriodOur set of data records covers the entire routine operations period from 20 to 2021-04-01.
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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Ocean Ecology Laboratory, Ocean Biology Processing Group. Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM) {Dataset Name} Data; NASA OB.DAAC, Greenbelt, MD, USA. doi: {DOI}.
Accessed on 08/16/2022

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