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The OBPG has set up the Ocean Color Forum as the primary means of communication with our data product user community. We urge everyone who has a question about our products, services, documentation, organization, or mode of operation to use the Forum. We also welcome comments from members of the community.

Anyone can read the questions and answers in this forum, but because spammers became a nuisance, we have introduced a registration step for those wishing to post questions or comments of their own.

To register for posting to the Ocean Color Forum, just register on Earthdata, head to the forum, and click login. You'll be taken back to Earthdata to login and authorize access, then redirected right back to the forum. If you were never registered to the forum, a red banner will appear at the top of the page to link you to this page where you can request to register for a forum account (just a quick click at the bottom of the page). The forum administrator will then be sent the request for approval. Once approved, you'll be sent an email confirming your username and can post freely.

For website issues, please feel free to contact the website administrators.