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Miscellaneous Utilites

anywhere.pro returns the indices of the elements of a vector that are also elements of another vector.
binloc.pro is a binary location routine.
binsrch.pro is a binary search routine.
fdecomp.pro decomposes a file name into its components.
filebreak.pro breaks file names into components.
filefound.pro reports a 1 if a file is found and a 0 if it is not found.
fileprefix.pro strips a prefix off of a filename.
get_file.pro returns the filename which contains an input search string.
getenv.pro evaluate a Unix environment variable
gettok.pro retrieves a segment of a character string.
indxtime.pro finds the nearest element of target array that precedes each value of the input array.
loadhdrs.pro /extract)
map_set_nofudge.pro returns the uv limits of the map for a given projection.
nowhere.pro returns the indices of the elements of a vector that are not elements of a second vector.
num2str.pro converts a given number to a string.
read_brb.pro unknown.
read_mcol.pro v18, v19, v20, V21, V22, v23, v24, v25, v26,v27,v28,v29,v30, $ v31,v32,v33,v34,v35,v36,v37,v38,v39,v40, $
readcol.pro reads a free format ascii data file with columns of data.
readfmt.pro reads a fixed format asciit data file into idl variables.
remchar.pro removes all appearances of a character from a string.
repchr.pro replaces one character with another in a text string.
seaflag.pro - for the specified longitude and latitude, returns 1 if ocean
sharr.pro displays all variable arrays within a file.
sint2ulong.pro aero extends an integer to a long integer.
spec_dir.pro provides a complete file specification by appending a default disk or directory.
strform.pro creates a right-justified string from numeric input.
strnumber.pro determines if a string is a valid numeric value.
tag_index.pro 4.25.2001 [index] = tag_index([tag array],[name])
textcolor.pro sets the color of text.
ubyte2sint.pro converts an array from unsigned byte to signed integer.
unique_list.pro converts a soprted array into a uniquely sorted array and returns index range of each unique element in array.
unmask.pro converts a scalar or array of bit masks into a binary array.
upkwhere.pro unpacks a 'where' vector into cube,level,col,row.
zparcheck.pro verifies data type of parameters in a procedure call.