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Time Functions

adt2zulu.pro converts vax system time to a zulu calendar time.
jd.pro converts a calendar date to a julian day from noon on the calendar day.
jday.pro returns the julian day.
jul2zulu.pro converts from reduced julian date to zulu time.
leapchk.pro determines whether a given year is a leap year.
nextday.pro increments the year and day by one day.
s2zulu.pro converts from secomds since 1 Jan 1968 to zulu string.
sec2ydmsec.pro converts secs since 1 Jan 1968 to year, day-of-year, millisecs-of-day.
sec2zulu.pro convert from # of seconds from fiduicial date to zulu time.
timeconv.pro is the shell routine for time conversion procedures.
ttag2day.pro converts seawifs telemetry timetag to day of year.
ttag2jul.pro converts seawifs telemetry time tag to julian day.
ttag2mjul.pro converts seawifs telemetry time tag to julian day.
ttag2sec.pro returns seconds since Jan 1, 1968.
ttag2zulu.pro converts seawifs telemetry timetag to zulu time.
unix2sec.pro converts unix system time to total number of seconds.
vax2zulu.pro convert VAX time to zulu time.
yd2md.pro converts year, day-of-year, into month and day-of-month
ydf2sec.pro converts yyddd.fraction-of-day into t68 seconds.
yds2sec.pro converts year, day, seconds to t68 seconds.
ymdhms2sec.pro converts year, month, day, hour, minute, seconds into t68 sec.
z2sec.pro converts a zulu time array, given a start time, and converts to sec.
zulu2adt.pro convert from zulu time to adt time.
zulu2jul.pro zulu2jul - Converts from zulu time to reduced Julian Date
zulu2sec.pro convert from zulu time to # of seconds from fiduicial date.
zulu2vax.pro zulu2vax - Convert zulu time to VAX time