SeaWiFS Authorized HRPT Station List

Saint Petersburg, Florida (USF)

8200 scenes are available from this station.
Standard Information
Name Dr Frank E Muller-Karger
Affil College of Marine Science
University of South Florida
Address 140 7th Avenue S
St Petersburg Fl 33701
Phone (727) 553-3335
Fax (727) 553-1103
Lat 27.77
Lon -82.63
Vdate Verified 18-Nov-1997
Status Operational
Datacen College of Marine Science, University of South Florida
Station Saint Petersburg, Florida
Descrip University of South Florida, Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
Additional Fields
System Seaspace/Sun SPARC 2 with Solaris 7
There is no coverage map available for this station.
graph showing for which days we have received data from the USF station
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The graph on the left shows the days on which this station collected transmissions from the Orbview 2 satellite. Each vertical line along the timeline represents a single day, and the height of that line indicates how many separate scenes were collected on that day (1, 2, 3, 4, or more than 4). Most stations receive one to three passes per day. High-latitude stations get more because the satellite flies within range of their antennas more often during a day. (If a lower-latitude station gets more than three passes per day, that may be an indication of some problem in the ground processing of the satellite data stream.)

The color-coding of the vertical lines gives some indication of how long ago the SeaWiFS Project received the data from the remote station. (These colors are actually based on the creation dates of level-1 browse files on our system, but, since we generally create browse files shortly after receiving the data, the meaning is essentially the same.)

04Sep1997 05Sep1997 06Sep1997 07Sep1997 08Sep1997 09Sep1997 10Sep1997 11Sep1997 12Sep1997 13Sep1997 14Sep1997 15Sep1997 16Sep1997 17Sep1997 18Sep1997 19Sep1997 20Sep1997 21Sep1997 22Sep1997 23Sep1997 24Sep1997 25Sep1997 26Sep1997 27Sep1997 28Sep1997 29Sep1997 30Sep1997 01Oct1997 02Oct1997 03Oct1997 04Oct1997 05Oct1997 06Oct1997 07Oct1997 08Oct1997 09Oct1997 10Oct1997 11Oct1997 12Oct1997 13Oct1997 14Oct1997 15Oct1997 16Oct1997 17Oct1997 18Oct1997 19Oct1997 20Oct1997 21Oct1997 22Oct1997 23Oct1997 24Oct1997 25Oct1997 26Oct1997 27Oct1997 28Oct1997 29Oct1997 30Oct1997 31Oct1997 01Nov1997 02Nov1997 03Nov1997 04Nov1997 05Nov1997 06Nov1997 07Nov1997 08Nov1997 09Nov1997 10Nov1997 11Nov1997 12Nov1997 13Nov1997 14Nov1997 15Nov1997 16Nov1997 17Nov1997 18Nov1997 19Nov1997 20Nov1997 21Nov1997 22Nov1997 23Nov1997 24Nov1997 25Nov1997 26Nov1997 27Nov1997 28Nov1997 29Nov1997 30Nov1997 01Dec1997 02Dec1997 03Dec1997 04Dec1997 05Dec1997 06Dec1997 07Dec1997 08Dec1997 09Dec1997 10Dec1997 11Dec1997 12Dec1997 13Dec1997 14Dec1997 15Dec1997 16Dec1997 17Dec1997 18Dec1997 19Dec1997 20Dec1997 21Dec1997 22Dec1997 23Dec1997 24Dec1997 25Dec1997 26Dec1997 27Dec1997 28Dec1997 29Dec1997 30Dec1997 31Dec1997 01Jan1998 02Jan1998 03Jan1998 04Jan1998 05Jan1998 06Jan1998 07Jan1998 08Jan1998 09Jan1998 10Jan1998 11Jan1998 12Jan1998 13Jan1998 14Jan1998 15Jan1998 16Jan1998 17Jan1998 18Jan1998 19Jan1998 20Jan1998 21Jan1998 22Jan1998 23Jan1998 24Jan1998 25Jan1998 26Jan1998 27Jan1998 28Jan1998 29Jan1998 30Jan1998 31Jan1998 01Feb1998 02Feb1998 03Feb1998 04Feb1998 05Feb1998 06Feb1998 07Feb1998 08Feb1998 09Feb1998 10Feb1998 11Feb1998 12Feb1998 13Feb1998 14Feb1998 15Feb1998 16Feb1998 17Feb1998 18Feb1998 19Feb1998 20Feb1998 21Feb1998 22Feb1998 23Feb1998 24Feb1998 25Feb1998 26Feb1998 27Feb1998 28Feb1998 01Mar1998 02Mar1998 03Mar1998 04Mar1998 05Mar1998 06Mar1998 07Mar1998 08Mar1998 09Mar1998 10Mar1998 11Mar1998 12Mar1998 13Mar1998 14Mar1998 15Mar1998 16Mar1998 17Mar1998 18Mar1998 19Mar1998 20Mar1998 21Mar1998 22Mar1998 23Mar1998 24Mar1998 25Mar1998 26Mar1998 27Mar1998 28Mar1998 29Mar1998 30Mar1998 31Mar1998 01Apr1998 02Apr1998 03Apr1998 04Apr1998 05Apr1998 06Apr1998 07Apr1998 08Apr1998 09Apr1998 10Apr1998 11Apr1998 12Apr1998 13Apr1998 14Apr1998 15Apr1998 16Apr1998 17Apr1998 18Apr1998 19Apr1998 20Apr1998 21Apr1998 22Apr1998 23Apr1998 24Apr1998 25Apr1998 26Apr1998 27Apr1998 28Apr1998 29Apr1998 30Apr1998 01May1998 02May1998 03May1998 04May1998 05May1998 06May1998 07May1998 08May1998 09May1998 10May1998 11May1998 12May1998 13May1998 14May1998 15May1998 16May1998 17May1998 18May1998 19May1998 20May1998 21May1998 22May1998 23May1998 24May1998 25May1998 26May1998 27May1998 28May1998 29May1998 30May1998 31May1998 01Jun1998 02Jun1998 03Jun1998 04Jun1998 05Jun1998 06Jun1998 07Jun1998 08Jun1998 09Jun1998 10Jun1998 11Jun1998 12Jun1998 13Jun1998 14Jun1998 15Jun1998 16Jun1998 17Jun1998 18Jun1998 19Jun1998 20Jun1998 21Jun1998 22Jun1998 23Jun1998 24Jun1998 25Jun1998 26Jun1998 27Jun1998 28Jun1998 29Jun1998 30Jun1998 01Jul1998 02Jul1998 03Jul1998 04Jul1998 05Jul1998 06Jul1998 07Jul1998 08Jul1998 09Jul1998 10Jul1998 11Jul1998 12Jul1998 13Jul1998 14Jul1998 15Jul1998 16Jul1998 17Jul1998 18Jul1998 19Jul1998 20Jul1998 21Jul1998 22Jul1998 23Jul1998 24Jul1998 25Jul1998 26Jul1998 27Jul1998 28Jul1998 29Jul1998 30Jul1998 31Jul1998 01Aug1998 02Aug1998 03Aug1998 04Aug1998 05Aug1998 06Aug1998 07Aug1998 08Aug1998 09Aug1998 10Aug1998 11Aug1998 12Aug1998 13Aug1998 14Aug1998 15Aug1998 16Aug1998 17Aug1998 18Aug1998 19Aug1998 20Aug1998 21Aug1998 22Aug1998 23Aug1998 24Aug1998 25Aug1998 26Aug1998 27Aug1998 28Aug1998 29Aug1998 30Aug1998 31Aug1998 01Sep1998 02Sep1998 03Sep1998 04Sep1998 05Sep1998 06Sep1998 07Sep1998 08Sep1998 09Sep1998 10Sep1998 11Sep1998 12Sep1998 13Sep1998 14Sep1998 15Sep1998 16Sep1998 17Sep1998 18Sep1998 19Sep1998 20Sep1998 21Sep1998 22Sep1998 23Sep1998 24Sep1998 25Sep1998 26Sep1998 27Sep1998 28Sep1998 29Sep1998 30Sep1998 01Oct1998 02Oct1998 03Oct1998 04Oct1998 05Oct1998 06Oct1998 07Oct1998 08Oct1998 09Oct1998 10Oct1998 11Oct1998 12Oct1998 13Oct1998 14Oct1998 15Oct1998 16Oct1998 17Oct1998 18Oct1998 19Oct1998 20Oct1998 21Oct1998 22Oct1998 23Oct1998 24Oct1998 25Oct1998 26Oct1998 27Oct1998 28Oct1998 29Oct1998 30Oct1998 31Oct1998 01Nov1998 02Nov1998 03Nov1998 04Nov1998 05Nov1998 06Nov1998 07Nov1998 08Nov1998 09Nov1998 10Nov1998 11Nov1998 12Nov1998 13Nov1998 14Nov1998 15Nov1998 16Nov1998 17Nov1998 18Nov1998 19Nov1998 20Nov1998 21Nov1998 22Nov1998 23Nov1998 24Nov1998 25Nov1998 26Nov1998 27Nov1998 28Nov1998 29Nov1998 30Nov1998 01Dec1998 02Dec1998 03Dec1998 04Dec1998 05Dec1998 06Dec1998 07Dec1998 08Dec1998 09Dec1998 10Dec1998 11Dec1998 12Dec1998 13Dec1998 14Dec1998 15Dec1998 16Dec1998 17Dec1998 18Dec1998 19Dec1998 20Dec1998 21Dec1998 22Dec1998 23Dec1998 24Dec1998 25Dec1998 26Dec1998 27Dec1998 28Dec1998 29Dec1998 30Dec1998 31Dec1998 01Jan1999 02Jan1999 03Jan1999 04Jan1999 05Jan1999 06Jan1999 07Jan1999 08Jan1999 09Jan1999 10Jan1999 11Jan1999 12Jan1999 13Jan1999 14Jan1999 15Jan1999 16Jan1999 17Jan1999 18Jan1999 19Jan1999 20Jan1999 21Jan1999 22Jan1999 23Jan1999 24Jan1999 25Jan1999 26Jan1999 27Jan1999 28Jan1999 29Jan1999 30Jan1999 31Jan1999 01Feb1999 02Feb1999 03Feb1999 04Feb1999 05Feb1999 06Feb1999 07Feb1999 08Feb1999 09Feb1999 10Feb1999 11Feb1999 12Feb1999 13Feb1999 14Feb1999 15Feb1999 16Feb1999 17Feb1999 18Feb1999 19Feb1999 20Feb1999 21Feb1999 22Feb1999 23Feb1999 24Feb1999 25Feb1999 26Feb1999 27Feb1999 28Feb1999 01Mar1999 02Mar1999 03Mar1999 04Mar1999 05Mar1999 06Mar1999 07Mar1999 08Mar1999 09Mar1999 10Mar1999 11Mar1999 12Mar1999 13Mar1999 14Mar1999 15Mar1999 16Mar1999 17Mar1999 18Mar1999 19Mar1999 20Mar1999 21Mar1999 22Mar1999 23Mar1999 24Mar1999 25Mar1999 26Mar1999 27Mar1999 28Mar1999 29Mar1999 30Mar1999 31Mar1999 01Apr1999 02Apr1999 03Apr1999 04Apr1999 05Apr1999 06Apr1999 07Apr1999 08Apr1999 09Apr1999 10Apr1999 11Apr1999 12Apr1999 13Apr1999 14Apr1999 15Apr1999 16Apr1999 17Apr1999 18Apr1999 19Apr1999 20Apr1999 21Apr1999 22Apr1999 23Apr1999 24Apr1999 25Apr1999 26Apr1999 27Apr1999 28Apr1999 29Apr1999 30Apr1999 01May1999 02May1999 03May1999 04May1999 05May1999 06May1999 07May1999 08May1999 09May1999 10May1999 11May1999 12May1999 13May1999 14May1999 15May1999 16May1999 17May1999 18May1999 19May1999 20May1999 21May1999 22May1999 23May1999 24May1999 25May1999 26May1999 27May1999 28May1999 29May1999 30May1999 31May1999 01Jun1999 02Jun1999 03Jun1999 04Jun1999 05Jun1999 06Jun1999 07Jun1999 08Jun1999 09Jun1999 10Jun1999 11Jun1999 12Jun1999 13Jun1999 14Jun1999 15Jun1999 16Jun1999 17Jun1999 18Jun1999 19Jun1999 20Jun1999 21Jun1999 22Jun1999 23Jun1999 24Jun1999 25Jun1999 26Jun1999 27Jun1999 28Jun1999 29Jun1999 30Jun1999 01Jul1999 02Jul1999 03Jul1999 04Jul1999 05Jul1999 06Jul1999 07Jul1999 08Jul1999 09Jul1999 10Jul1999 11Jul1999 12Jul1999 13Jul1999 14Jul1999 15Jul1999 16Jul1999 17Jul1999 18Jul1999 19Jul1999 20Jul1999 21Jul1999 22Jul1999 23Jul1999 24Jul1999 25Jul1999 26Jul1999 27Jul1999 28Jul1999 29Jul1999 30Jul1999 31Jul1999 01Aug1999 02Aug1999 03Aug1999 04Aug1999 05Aug1999 06Aug1999 07Aug1999 08Aug1999 09Aug1999 10Aug1999 11Aug1999 12Aug1999 13Aug1999 14Aug1999 15Aug1999 16Aug1999 17Aug1999 18Aug1999 19Aug1999 20Aug1999 21Aug1999 22Aug1999 23Aug1999 24Aug1999 25Aug1999 26Aug1999 27Aug1999 28Aug1999 29Aug1999 30Aug1999 31Aug1999 01Sep1999 02Sep1999 03Sep1999 04Sep1999 05Sep1999 06Sep1999 07Sep1999 08Sep1999 09Sep1999 10Sep1999 11Sep1999 12Sep1999 13Sep1999 14Sep1999 15Sep1999 16Sep1999 17Sep1999 18Sep1999 19Sep1999 20Sep1999 21Sep1999 22Sep1999 23Sep1999 24Sep1999 25Sep1999 26Sep1999 27Sep1999 28Sep1999 29Sep1999 30Sep1999 01Oct1999 02Oct1999 03Oct1999 04Oct1999 05Oct1999 06Oct1999 07Oct1999 08Oct1999 09Oct1999 10Oct1999 11Oct1999 12Oct1999 13Oct1999 14Oct1999 15Oct1999 16Oct1999 17Oct1999 18Oct1999 19Oct1999 20Oct1999 21Oct1999 22Oct1999 23Oct1999 24Oct1999 25Oct1999 26Oct1999 27Oct1999 28Oct1999 29Oct1999 30Oct1999 31Oct1999 01Nov1999 02Nov1999 03Nov1999 04Nov1999 05Nov1999 06Nov1999 07Nov1999 08Nov1999 09Nov1999 10Nov1999 11Nov1999 12Nov1999 13Nov1999 14Nov1999 15Nov1999 16Nov1999 17Nov1999 18Nov1999 19Nov1999 20Nov1999 21Nov1999 22Nov1999 23Nov1999 24Nov1999 25Nov1999 26Nov1999 27Nov1999 28Nov1999 29Nov1999 30Nov1999 01Dec1999 02Dec1999 03Dec1999 04Dec1999 05Dec1999 06Dec1999 07Dec1999 08Dec1999 09Dec1999 10Dec1999 11Dec1999 12Dec1999 13Dec1999 14Dec1999 15Dec1999 16Dec1999 17Dec1999 18Dec1999 19Dec1999 20Dec1999 21Dec1999 22Dec1999 23Dec1999 24Dec1999 25Dec1999 26Dec1999 27Dec1999 28Dec1999 29Dec1999 30Dec1999 31Dec1999 01Jan2000 02Jan2000 03Jan2000 04Jan2000 05Jan2000 06Jan2000 07Jan2000 08Jan2000 09Jan2000 10Jan2000 11Jan2000 12Jan2000 13Jan2000 14Jan2000 15Jan2000 16Jan2000 17Jan2000 18Jan2000 19Jan2000 20Jan2000 21Jan2000 22Jan2000 23Jan2000 24Jan2000 25Jan2000 26Jan2000 27Jan2000 28Jan2000 29Jan2000 30Jan2000 31Jan2000 01Feb2000 02Feb2000 03Feb2000 04Feb2000 05Feb2000 06Feb2000 07Feb2000 08Feb2000 09Feb2000 10Feb2000 11Feb2000 12Feb2000 13Feb2000 14Feb2000 15Feb2000 16Feb2000 17Feb2000 18Feb2000 19Feb2000 20Feb2000 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21Jan2002 22Jan2002 23Jan2002 24Jan2002 25Jan2002 26Jan2002 27Jan2002 28Jan2002 29Jan2002 30Jan2002 31Jan2002 01Feb2002 02Feb2002 03Feb2002 04Feb2002 05Feb2002 06Feb2002 07Feb2002 08Feb2002 09Feb2002 10Feb2002 11Feb2002 12Feb2002 13Feb2002 14Feb2002 15Feb2002 16Feb2002 17Feb2002 18Feb2002 19Feb2002 20Feb2002 21Feb2002 22Feb2002 23Feb2002 24Feb2002 25Feb2002 26Feb2002 27Feb2002 28Feb2002 01Mar2002 02Mar2002 03Mar2002 04Mar2002 05Mar2002 06Mar2002 07Mar2002 08Mar2002 09Mar2002 10Mar2002 11Mar2002 12Mar2002 13Mar2002 14Mar2002 15Mar2002 16Mar2002 17Mar2002 18Mar2002 19Mar2002 20Mar2002 21Mar2002 22Mar2002 23Mar2002 24Mar2002 25Mar2002 26Mar2002 27Mar2002 28Mar2002 29Mar2002 30Mar2002 31Mar2002 01Apr2002 02Apr2002 03Apr2002 04Apr2002 05Apr2002 06Apr2002 07Apr2002 08Apr2002 09Apr2002 10Apr2002 11Apr2002 12Apr2002 13Apr2002 14Apr2002 15Apr2002 16Apr2002 17Apr2002 18Apr2002 19Apr2002 20Apr2002 21Apr2002 22Apr2002 23Apr2002 24Apr2002 25Apr2002 26Apr2002 27Apr2002 28Apr2002 29Apr2002 30Apr2002 01May2002 02May2002 03May2002 04May2002 05May2002 06May2002 07May2002 08May2002 09May2002 10May2002 11May2002 12May2002 13May2002 14May2002 15May2002 16May2002 17May2002 18May2002 19May2002 20May2002 21May2002 22May2002 23May2002 24May2002 25May2002 26May2002 27May2002 28May2002 29May2002 30May2002 31May2002 01Jun2002 02Jun2002 03Jun2002 04Jun2002 05Jun2002 06Jun2002 07Jun2002 08Jun2002 09Jun2002 10Jun2002 11Jun2002 12Jun2002 13Jun2002 14Jun2002 15Jun2002 16Jun2002 17Jun2002 18Jun2002 19Jun2002 20Jun2002 21Jun2002 22Jun2002 23Jun2002 24Jun2002 25Jun2002 26Jun2002 27Jun2002 28Jun2002 29Jun2002 30Jun2002 01Jul2002 02Jul2002 03Jul2002 04Jul2002 05Jul2002 06Jul2002 07Jul2002 08Jul2002 09Jul2002 10Jul2002 11Jul2002 12Jul2002 13Jul2002 14Jul2002 15Jul2002 16Jul2002 17Jul2002 18Jul2002 19Jul2002 20Jul2002 21Jul2002 22Jul2002 23Jul2002 24Jul2002 25Jul2002 26Jul2002 27Jul2002 28Jul2002 29Jul2002 30Jul2002 31Jul2002 01Aug2002 02Aug2002 03Aug2002 04Aug2002 05Aug2002 06Aug2002 07Aug2002 08Aug2002 09Aug2002 10Aug2002 11Aug2002 12Aug2002 13Aug2002 14Aug2002 15Aug2002 16Aug2002 17Aug2002 18Aug2002 19Aug2002 20Aug2002 21Aug2002 22Aug2002 23Aug2002 24Aug2002 25Aug2002 26Aug2002 27Aug2002 28Aug2002 29Aug2002 30Aug2002 31Aug2002 01Sep2002 02Sep2002 03Sep2002 04Sep2002 05Sep2002 06Sep2002 07Sep2002 08Sep2002 09Sep2002 10Sep2002 11Sep2002 12Sep2002 13Sep2002 14Sep2002 15Sep2002 16Sep2002 17Sep2002 18Sep2002 19Sep2002 20Sep2002 21Sep2002 22Sep2002 23Sep2002 24Sep2002 25Sep2002 26Sep2002 27Sep2002 28Sep2002 29Sep2002 30Sep2002 01Oct2002 02Oct2002 03Oct2002 04Oct2002 05Oct2002 06Oct2002 07Oct2002 08Oct2002 09Oct2002 10Oct2002 11Oct2002 12Oct2002 13Oct2002 14Oct2002 15Oct2002 16Oct2002 17Oct2002 18Oct2002 19Oct2002 20Oct2002 21Oct2002 22Oct2002 23Oct2002 24Oct2002 25Oct2002 26Oct2002 27Oct2002 28Oct2002 29Oct2002 30Oct2002 31Oct2002 01Nov2002 02Nov2002 03Nov2002 04Nov2002 05Nov2002 06Nov2002 07Nov2002 08Nov2002 09Nov2002 10Nov2002 11Nov2002 12Nov2002 13Nov2002 14Nov2002 15Nov2002 16Nov2002 17Nov2002 18Nov2002 19Nov2002 20Nov2002 21Nov2002 22Nov2002 23Nov2002 24Nov2002 25Nov2002 26Nov2002 27Nov2002 28Nov2002 29Nov2002 30Nov2002 01Dec2002 02Dec2002 03Dec2002 04Dec2002 05Dec2002 06Dec2002 07Dec2002 08Dec2002 09Dec2002 10Dec2002 11Dec2002 12Dec2002 13Dec2002 14Dec2002 15Dec2002 16Dec2002 17Dec2002 18Dec2002 19Dec2002 20Dec2002 21Dec2002 22Dec2002 23Dec2002 24Dec2002 25Dec2002 26Dec2002 27Dec2002 28Dec2002 29Dec2002 30Dec2002 31Dec2002 01Jan2003 02Jan2003 03Jan2003 04Jan2003 05Jan2003 06Jan2003 07Jan2003 08Jan2003 09Jan2003 10Jan2003 11Jan2003 12Jan2003 13Jan2003 14Jan2003 15Jan2003 16Jan2003 17Jan2003 18Jan2003 19Jan2003 20Jan2003 21Jan2003 22Jan2003 23Jan2003 24Jan2003 25Jan2003 26Jan2003 27Jan2003 28Jan2003 29Jan2003 30Jan2003 31Jan2003 01Feb2003 02Feb2003 03Feb2003 04Feb2003 05Feb2003 06Feb2003 07Feb2003 08Feb2003 09Feb2003 10Feb2003 11Feb2003 12Feb2003 13Feb2003 14Feb2003 15Feb2003 16Feb2003 17Feb2003 18Feb2003 19Feb2003 20Feb2003 21Feb2003 22Feb2003 23Feb2003 24Feb2003 25Feb2003 26Feb2003 27Feb2003 28Feb2003 01Mar2003 02Mar2003 03Mar2003 04Mar2003 05Mar2003 06Mar2003 07Mar2003 08Mar2003 09Mar2003 10Mar2003 11Mar2003 12Mar2003 13Mar2003 14Mar2003 15Mar2003 16Mar2003 17Mar2003 18Mar2003 19Mar2003 20Mar2003 21Mar2003 22Mar2003 23Mar2003 24Mar2003 25Mar2003 26Mar2003 27Mar2003 28Mar2003 29Mar2003 30Mar2003 31Mar2003 01Apr2003 02Apr2003 03Apr2003 04Apr2003 05Apr2003 06Apr2003 07Apr2003 08Apr2003 09Apr2003 10Apr2003 11Apr2003 12Apr2003 13Apr2003 14Apr2003 15Apr2003 16Apr2003 17Apr2003 18Apr2003 19Apr2003 20Apr2003 21Apr2003 22Apr2003 23Apr2003 24Apr2003 25Apr2003 26Apr2003 27Apr2003 28Apr2003 29Apr2003 30Apr2003 01May2003 02May2003 03May2003 04May2003 05May2003 06May2003 07May2003 08May2003 09May2003 10May2003 11May2003 12May2003 13May2003 14May2003 15May2003 16May2003 17May2003 18May2003 19May2003 20May2003 21May2003 22May2003 23May2003 24May2003 25May2003 26May2003 27May2003 28May2003 29May2003 30May2003 31May2003 01Jun2003 02Jun2003 03Jun2003 04Jun2003 05Jun2003 06Jun2003 07Jun2003 08Jun2003 09Jun2003 10Jun2003 11Jun2003 12Jun2003 13Jun2003 14Jun2003 15Jun2003 16Jun2003 17Jun2003 18Jun2003 19Jun2003 20Jun2003 21Jun2003 22Jun2003 23Jun2003 24Jun2003 25Jun2003 26Jun2003 27Jun2003 28Jun2003 29Jun2003 30Jun2003 01Jul2003 02Jul2003 03Jul2003 04Jul2003 05Jul2003 06Jul2003 07Jul2003 08Jul2003 09Jul2003 10Jul2003 11Jul2003 12Jul2003 13Jul2003 14Jul2003 15Jul2003 16Jul2003 17Jul2003 18Jul2003 19Jul2003 20Jul2003 21Jul2003 22Jul2003 23Jul2003 24Jul2003 25Jul2003 26Jul2003 27Jul2003 28Jul2003 29Jul2003 30Jul2003 31Jul2003 01Aug2003 02Aug2003 03Aug2003 04Aug2003 05Aug2003 06Aug2003 07Aug2003 08Aug2003 09Aug2003 10Aug2003 11Aug2003 12Aug2003 13Aug2003 14Aug2003 15Aug2003 16Aug2003 17Aug2003 18Aug2003 19Aug2003 20Aug2003 21Aug2003 22Aug2003 23Aug2003 24Aug2003 25Aug2003 26Aug2003 27Aug2003 28Aug2003 29Aug2003 30Aug2003 31Aug2003 01Sep2003 02Sep2003 03Sep2003 04Sep2003 05Sep2003 06Sep2003 07Sep2003 08Sep2003 09Sep2003 10Sep2003 11Sep2003 12Sep2003 13Sep2003 14Sep2003 15Sep2003 16Sep2003 17Sep2003 18Sep2003 19Sep2003 20Sep2003 21Sep2003 22Sep2003 23Sep2003 24Sep2003 25Sep2003 26Sep2003 27Sep2003 28Sep2003 29Sep2003 30Sep2003 01Oct2003 02Oct2003 03Oct2003 04Oct2003 05Oct2003 06Oct2003 07Oct2003 08Oct2003 09Oct2003 10Oct2003 11Oct2003 12Oct2003 13Oct2003 14Oct2003 15Oct2003 16Oct2003 17Oct2003 18Oct2003 19Oct2003 20Oct2003 21Oct2003 22Oct2003 23Oct2003 24Oct2003 25Oct2003 26Oct2003 27Oct2003 28Oct2003 29Oct2003 30Oct2003 31Oct2003 01Nov2003 02Nov2003 03Nov2003 04Nov2003 05Nov2003 06Nov2003 07Nov2003 08Nov2003 09Nov2003 10Nov2003 11Nov2003 12Nov2003 13Nov2003 14Nov2003 15Nov2003 16Nov2003 17Nov2003 18Nov2003 19Nov2003 20Nov2003 21Nov2003 22Nov2003 23Nov2003 24Nov2003 25Nov2003 26Nov2003 27Nov2003 28Nov2003 29Nov2003 30Nov2003 01Dec2003 02Dec2003 03Dec2003 04Dec2003 05Dec2003 06Dec2003 07Dec2003 08Dec2003 09Dec2003 10Dec2003 11Dec2003 12Dec2003 13Dec2003 14Dec2003 15Dec2003 16Dec2003 17Dec2003 18Dec2003 19Dec2003 20Dec2003 21Dec2003 22Dec2003 23Dec2003 24Dec2003 25Dec2003 26Dec2003 27Dec2003 28Dec2003 29Dec2003 30Dec2003 31Dec2003 01Jan2004 02Jan2004 03Jan2004 04Jan2004 05Jan2004 06Jan2004 07Jan2004 08Jan2004 09Jan2004 10Jan2004 11Jan2004 12Jan2004 13Jan2004 14Jan2004 15Jan2004 16Jan2004 17Jan2004 18Jan2004 19Jan2004 20Jan2004 21Jan2004 22Jan2004 23Jan2004 24Jan2004 25Jan2004 26Jan2004 27Jan2004 28Jan2004 29Jan2004 30Jan2004 31Jan2004 01Feb2004 02Feb2004 03Feb2004 04Feb2004 05Feb2004 06Feb2004 07Feb2004 08Feb2004 09Feb2004 10Feb2004 11Feb2004 12Feb2004 13Feb2004 14Feb2004 15Feb2004 16Feb2004 17Feb2004 18Feb2004 19Feb2004 20Feb2004 21Feb2004 22Feb2004 23Feb2004 24Feb2004 25Feb2004 26Feb2004 27Feb2004 28Feb2004 29Feb2004 01Mar2004 02Mar2004 03Mar2004 04Mar2004 05Mar2004 06Mar2004 07Mar2004 08Mar2004 09Mar2004 10Mar2004 11Mar2004 12Mar2004 13Mar2004 14Mar2004 15Mar2004 16Mar2004 17Mar2004 18Mar2004 19Mar2004 20Mar2004 21Mar2004 22Mar2004 23Mar2004 24Mar2004 25Mar2004 26Mar2004 27Mar2004 28Mar2004 29Mar2004 30Mar2004 31Mar2004 01Apr2004 02Apr2004 03Apr2004 04Apr2004 05Apr2004 06Apr2004 07Apr2004 08Apr2004 09Apr2004 10Apr2004 11Apr2004 12Apr2004 13Apr2004 14Apr2004 15Apr2004 16Apr2004 17Apr2004 18Apr2004 19Apr2004 20Apr2004 21Apr2004 22Apr2004 23Apr2004 24Apr2004 25Apr2004 26Apr2004 27Apr2004 28Apr2004 29Apr2004 30Apr2004 01May2004 02May2004 03May2004 04May2004 05May2004 06May2004 07May2004 08May2004 09May2004 10May2004 11May2004 12May2004 13May2004 14May2004 15May2004 16May2004 17May2004 18May2004 19May2004 20May2004 21May2004 22May2004 23May2004 24May2004 25May2004 26May2004 27May2004 28May2004 29May2004 30May2004 31May2004 01Jun2004 02Jun2004 03Jun2004 04Jun2004 05Jun2004 06Jun2004 07Jun2004 08Jun2004 09Jun2004 10Jun2004 11Jun2004 12Jun2004 13Jun2004 14Jun2004 15Jun2004 16Jun2004 17Jun2004 18Jun2004 19Jun2004 20Jun2004 21Jun2004 22Jun2004 23Jun2004 24Jun2004 25Jun2004 26Jun2004 27Jun2004 28Jun2004 29Jun2004 30Jun2004 01Jul2004 02Jul2004 03Jul2004 04Jul2004 05Jul2004 06Jul2004 07Jul2004 08Jul2004 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16Feb2020 17Feb2020 18Feb2020 19Feb2020 20Feb2020 21Feb2020 22Feb2020 23Feb2020 24Feb2020 25Feb2020 26Feb2020 27Feb2020 28Feb2020 29Feb2020 01Mar2020 02Mar2020 03Mar2020 04Mar2020 05Mar2020 06Mar2020 07Mar2020 08Mar2020 09Mar2020 10Mar2020 11Mar2020 12Mar2020 13Mar2020 14Mar2020 15Mar2020 16Mar2020 17Mar2020 18Mar2020 19Mar2020 20Mar2020 21Mar2020 22Mar2020 23Mar2020 24Mar2020 25Mar2020 26Mar2020 27Mar2020 28Mar2020 29Mar2020 30Mar2020 31Mar2020 01Apr2020 02Apr2020 03Apr2020 04Apr2020 05Apr2020 06Apr2020 07Apr2020 08Apr2020 09Apr2020 10Apr2020 11Apr2020 12Apr2020 13Apr2020 14Apr2020 15Apr2020 16Apr2020 17Apr2020 18Apr2020 19Apr2020 20Apr2020 21Apr2020 22Apr2020 23Apr2020 24Apr2020 25Apr2020 26Apr2020 27Apr2020 28Apr2020 29Apr2020 30Apr2020 01May2020 02May2020 03May2020 04May2020 05May2020 06May2020 07May2020 08May2020 09May2020 10May2020 11May2020 12May2020 13May2020 14May2020 15May2020 16May2020 17May2020 18May2020 19May2020 20May2020 21May2020 22May2020 23May2020 24May2020 25May2020 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