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A2005276234000.L1A_LAC S2005276095624.L1A_GAC
A2005276112500.L1A_LAC T2005276082500.L1A_LAC
**** **** **** **** **** **** ****
A2005276234000.L1A_LAC T2005276191500.L1A_LAC A2005276112500.L1A_LAC S2005276095624.L1A_MLAC S2005276095624.L1A_GAC T2005276082500.L1A_LAC T2005276082500.L1A_LAC
display list of filenamesdisplay list of level-0 filenames T2005276191500.L1A_LAC T2005276082500.L1A_LAC

Search Criteria
Time Period: Monday, 3 October 2005 (daytime)
Sensors: Terra and Suomi-NPP and Sentinel3B(ERR) and Sentinel3B(EFR) and Sentinel3A(ERR) and Sentinel3A(EFR) and SeaWiFS(MLAC) and SeaWiFS(GAC) and OCTS(ADEOS) and NOAA-20 and MERIS(RR) and MERIS(FRS) and HICO(ISS) and GOCI(COMS) and CZCS(Nimbus-7) and Aqua
MERIS Data Types: GAC
Area of Interest: Within 0 km of 8.0N,38.0E

Percentage of AOI that swaths must include: 0

Number of swaths: 1st through 7th of 7 swaths

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